French build born in [LYON]


I like the counter rotating propeller Counter%20rotating


Yes ! We need to make this! Pefect way to complicate things!? Started planning some months ago and orderd some gears and bearings but the project died a little.
Any one want to join in with CAD and R&D
We can do a open source build on the forum?
Efficiency of the system may be improved slightly, but it also removes the torque generated by a single prop drive. But most importantly it looks super COOL!


2 propellers turning in the opposite direction on one shaft ? It is going be complicated for the gearbox… N6 and hollow shaft… It is crazy !


Yes two props on one shaft.
can be done this way

(red shaft is hollow)(green gear is held in place)
same as in the torpedo drawing. Will have to so something clever stuff with the seals and bearings.


Cool, I am in
Would it make sense to include the reduction at the same time?


Not possible for me ,blue same speed as red
For gear réduction , it will the same a car , propeller in front and in back , motor at 90 in line with mast …


Both are the same speed but turn in opposite directions. Anyway as awesome it is, as much it is in sealing manufacturing etc. twice as much effort.


British torpedo from 1866 with compressed air engine


I don’t think the sealings will be to hard. You have one before the Red Prop and one inside the Red Prop (where the hollow shaft becomes the propeller should be enough space for a bearing and 2 lip seals).
But how do you get a defined position of the green gear?

I don’t think there will be gearboxes in the right size.

I guess it would be easier with 2 motors, you also spread load and wear (e.g. on the ESC and cable/connectors).
One motor with over dimensional hollow shaft and a normal one going through. Since you are spreading load, maybe even 2x 50xx outrunners will work.
Maybe you can even design some of those:

to work as sealed Hub-Motors inside the props, the diameter inside the windings should be big enough for a strong rod to mount both on.


Just a quick concept. No seals etc , just looking at the available space! not going to do any more on this.

I think two independent motors would be better.


This is what I want !!!


@theone: vey nice 3D skills. I think it would be nice to create a new thread. As you’re the one who spot the topic … honour is yours :wink:
Just wondering why torpedos and sub-marines gave up contra-rotating props in the 1930’s after WW1 anyway. Lack of efficiency and/or silence, too strong acoustic signature ?


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Lots of other clever design features @Gobbla has done with this design, electrical seals & not drilling mast well done Gobbla ! I will copy lots of your design .

Thanks for the inspiration.



Trop forts les Lyonnais :wink:
On essaie d’être les premiers sur Villeurbanne alors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Beau travail en tout cas !


@theone , dont hesitate, copy my design, improve it, share your result it will be my pleasure.

@Arue, i hope you will join us soon. 3 foil on same time on saone should be great ! :slight_smile:

sunday morning session :


Gobbia Thanks for sharing. What gear drive are you using?


Neugart reducer +56104 motor


Hello everyone, just few additional feed back on my last foil evolution.
I have replaced my neilpryde foil by gong foil one.

I advice every beginner to do not go on Neil pryde foil. It is really unstable, Difficult to learn. With gong foil you can start so quickly to fly on long distance. Flying speed is lower on gong foil.
Price is really more interesting on gong foil, installation is more easy…

Electric consumption is lower on gong foil, I just need to recalibrate my indicator and I will give you exact result
2x16ah - 6s: 20min of continuous flying
2x20ah - 6s : 30 min of continuous flying


This is electric consumption of my foil during stabilized flight :

with motor touching fuselage of foil :
25A - 14Km/h

with motor 80mm above fuselage of foil :
22A - 14Km/h

Neil pryde :
36A - 19km/h


Vert interesting stats!