Fr 2019 motor system

Which ESC are you going to connect to these motors ?

I have a 300 amp 15s sawdfish rd boat controller ( I thinks thats the name ) from a big boat I used to race so I will re use that. Although I think it will be overkill for my needs but may as well use it.

Plan to run 12 s at the start and see how it performs.

@rcjetman I the same, but not yet tested

That is awesome. You will not be disappointed. I have a blast riding my flying rodeo set up. Good decision.

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I’m hoping you can help, I am liking your duct rev3 but when I download it it is only 4KB. How is this file accessible? Also what are the dimensions and specs?

I wish they were mine but they are @pacificmeister’s, the site founder.
However I can help. Once you’ve clicked on the link, the 3D Duct opens in your browser.
On the top right corner, click on the blue “Download” button. You can download in 12 different formats.
If you choose STL, fill your email, you receive mail with a link to a 3.2Mo file (3263ko).
So I can only advise you to try this again.
Dimensions: the correct diameter is less than 180mm. If I remember well, most of PM’s objects are 10x too big. You might have to apply a 0.1 reduction factor with your slicer (check with the measuring tool before printing).
Hope this helps.

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Does that include the board, motor and mast?

Well my mast and motors turned up and they are amazing.

i fitted one mast to my board and plugged it all in to the existing setup i had but i did mount a bigger box on the back of the board to help me fit larger batteries if needed and a 12 s controller.

I plan to do more testing and better analytics of the setup when i get time but i did manage to get 1.5 hrs to my self the other day and went for its first sea trial and it exceeded my expectations in all areas.

I still don’t know how its possible but this direct drive in-runner is WAY more efficient and has more torque than my 80mm out-runner version and by what feels like a significant margin.

Old 80mm Out runner setup : FR 6" prop : BIG 102 wing 6s 24Ah

To get out of the water and on foil on 6s needs 60 amps to foil @ 80 % throttle on the hand held controller at a slow pace. But the difference between 80% and 100% throttle is not a major increase in top seed and the amps do spike up to about 110 - 120 amps for a modest speed increase.

NEW FR motor setup : same FR 6" prop : BIG 102 wing 6s 32Ah ( new tatto packs )

To get out of the water and on foil on 6s needs 39 amps to foil @ 70 % throttle on the hand held controller at the same slow pace. Increase that to about 80% and i get a what feels like a linear speed increase and the amps rise to 46. 100% throttle again feels like a linear speed increase and a much better top seed and the amps DO NOT SPIKE and maxes out at 60 amps.

I did also run the same setup but with the FR 7" prop : BIG 102 wing 6s 32Ah ( new tatto packs ) everything was the same as in linear amp increase but the top speed was definitely higher and the amps maxed out at 70 on 6s.

*NOTE for surfing waves which is my main objective this is the perfect amount of power and im super happy with 6S plus it give me an amazing run time. 12 s is just way to much HP to easily control the pitch of the bard on a big wave as you use throttle a lot for height adjustment on waves *

I did try then try 12 S and OMG this thing is a rocket ship.

NEW FR motor setup : same FR 6" prop : BIG 102 wing 12s 16Ah ( new tatto packs )

It only needs 22 amps to foil @ 37 % throttle on the hand held controller at the same slow pace. Increase that to about 42% and i get a BIG speed increase and the amps rise to 34 and top speed is already higher than my 6s setup.

I never managed to get to 100% throttle as its was just way to fast. I think i got to 75% at one stage and it was crazy fast for me. ( about 35 km )

I will get some video up on line soon showing all of this.

Then i can work on doing some better tests with GPS / amp logger and other things to make it more quantifiable.


I would also like to say a big thanks to FR for being so accommodating with my request to build me a custom setup to fit my Axis masts and answering lots of questions i had. He is a very approachable guy.

some more hardware pis for everyone.

motor can


It’s amazing that you are getting up on 6s. I’m guessing you pretty light and the large wing really helps! I have ridden the FR setup with the slingshot gamma wing (68mm) on 12s and had to help it up out the water with a couple pumps. Once I was out it was flying though.

Is this a direct drive or geared setup?

Extremely interesting result, looks like a very efficient setup. Roughly only 1000 W to foil ! One question, did You test the speed on the FR without the nozzle? Would be rally useful to know the impact of the nozzle? Think it is possible at that speed it is increasing efficiency compared to propeller without nozzle.

Direct :slight_smile: Kickass motor!

and what is prop size?

Watercooling pickup hole in front ?

Prop size is 145mm…

Yes watercooling is in the front (same as Lift). The mast clamp functions the same way that the Lift one does. I have changed all my mast clamps to FR mast clamps as for the price (35 euro for injection moulded, 85 euro for aluminium) they completely beat out any 3D printed ones.

Ok so here are some videos as promised.

Again im very sorry they are not good as i had only 1.5 hrs to get in the water / play around with wings and get home so it was rushed + it was the first time in the water so i did not know what to expect.

This Video is FR 6" prop and the big 102 wing on 12s with 16 Ah Tatto packs. I never got close to full power and you can hear me squeal like a girl when it get too fast ( sorry in advance )


Here is a another video of me trying to do some " ride by and call out the amps video "

you can see me looking at the throttle % on the controller and then at the amp meter ( in the top of the box ) and then trying to ride past to give a sense of speed ?


an extremely simple setup that i intend to improve when i get time but for only 4 hrs build time it got me going.

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Could you possibly give me the dimensions of the axis mast, screw locations and bolt sizes (top and bottom)?