Fr 2019 motor system

Overall efficiency cannot be reported in Watts. Instead of Overall efficiency, the following can be mentioned:

  • Static thrust of the Propulsion system in kg at nominal engine speed, at current A, and at battery voltage V

Hello Flying_Rodeo thanks for the reply.

I am about to start building my own e-foil board build and would like to get one of your motor / mast combos. Can you recommend / offer me a FR foil type / mast / motor and PROP combo for surfing waves as a priority.

i already have a Axis foil setup with a big 102 wing and i LOVE it but i presume you motor wont fit the Axis mast ?


I dont want to go super fast !!! its not important to me all i want to do is ride big ocean swell and also ride waves at beaches out the back. So i suppose i will need high thrust to get me out of the water quickly and up to speed ( i am 92 kg’s).

Could you please show MORE what’s included in the kit ? spare parts / servicing requirements, speed controller recommendations. Do you offer different propellers pitches for your motors to achieve different power delivery?

Also your boards look nice but i would love to see some images of them / compartments to see what room i have to fit my electrical equipment. Can you send me / post photos as they look nice but there is no information on them that i can find.

your product looks really nice and well finished and im sure you have put a lot of effort into the engineering… but as a business owner myself i would recommend you improve the info, images and details about your products as i can’t find much on the web and im sure you would be missing sales due to this as a lot of people online don’t want to ask questions and will just move onto something else if they can’t find what they are looking for. I am almost more certain of what i will get / outcome if i was to build my own pod / motor from all the amazing information that is available on this forum and less certain of what i would get from a ready to go FR system like yours. ( i say this with good intentions and kindness ) :slight_smile:

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thank you rcjetman for all good information on web page i will do that in near foture :slight_smile:

you have very good wing for crousing and playing with small vawes :slight_smile:

the best way for you its that we make for you motor system on AXIS MAST with same hole on mast plate like your axis mast plate. :slight_smile: than qou will have two complet foils one with motor and one for normal foiling :slight_smile:

Yes we delivery diferent pitches for diferent speeds but we recomende low pitch for your setup :slight_smile:



WOW what a beautiful board ! dose the 155 on your webpage mean 155 liters of volume or length 1.55m ? im 92 KG and think a bigger board is better for me.

Could you please tell me what servicing requirements your motor has ?
Do you have a speed controller recommendation ?

This is VERY good news about your willingness to build me a Axis mast and i appreciate this VERY much as i would like to keep using my Axis wing and i will be buying other smaller Axis wings soon so i can play with different sizes depending on swell size.

can you PM me an offer for a 155 board and Axis MAST setup ( for surfing ). i also have a friend who wants to do the same so we might order 2 systems at the same time.

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The larger rider’s weight requires a larger propeller diameter with a smaller pitch.

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@Flying_Rodeo is your propulsion system direct drive or with reductor ? thanks

edit : whooops just saw the answer on the top of the topic. Are you selling the motor as a spare part ? i would be interested because reisenauer motorchief is out of stock for weeks…

Reisenauer its not on stock more than one year (5:1)

Yes you can buy separetly

All efoil builders member -5% discaunt

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IMHO, there are at least 1000 persons here waiting for this detail.
Here is a 10usd solution : :wink: No swimming pool needed, a pontoon or dock will do the job.


I can measure your wing effectiveness. I have prof. a device for measuring hydrodynamic parameters of a wing, propeller, etc. But I must first make a metal frame so that I can fasten the wing and immerse it here:

If the wing has little efficiency, I can upgrade the wing shape in 3D CAD.

Each wing should be as effective as possible so that the start of the e-foil is as short as possible. This will significantly increase the sailing time.

Why all is about static thrust ? Different wings and propeller pitch avalaible , thrust change a lot: take off , cruising , top speed , this step up is working , knowing the number will be nice , yes , but if you want to fly this summer and buy one , i don’t think it makes a big difference knowing it make 30 or 35 or 45kg off static thrust ( big area propeller can push hard but you can be disapointed with top speed)


My name is chris. I am from Vancouver BC. I have the flying rodeo set up pictured above. What I can tell you is if you want to get foiling it is worth every penny. I built my first e foil 2 years ago with testing many motors and had good success with a 2230 motor and gearbox from Neutronics. David from flying rodeo makes a far superior product. More powerful than a lift motor.
I can’t recommend it enough.


I do agree with you. Static thrust doesn’t mean everything. However, it tells a lot about the potential (torque) of your motor. If it displays 28kg, you know your motor isn’t a champion :wink:

I would appreciate to know the “pontoon” static thrust of the 13-15s 5000W custom Chinese Brushless that is advertised at 12Nm on Alibaba and spotted 5Nm on the charts they send you by mail when you ask for more information :thinking:

That was not me who asked this , all informations i got was from another seller that gave me the torque of a 56104 motor series: no more than 2.8Nm to be expected (around 300kv)

Sorry about the misinterpretation. What I meant is that the pontoon thrust test (credit to @Frage :wink:) and similar to bollard thrust test for boats with a crane scale (so a pull test) is a simple and cheap way to sort between a race horse and a donkey.
As this test is a way to remove uncertainty about any motor’s capabilities, Reacher Tech should be able to provide us with these simple results in standard efoil conditions (say: 130mm prop, 10 to 14s tension, average pitch).

So @Flying_Rodeo, do you think you could be the first efoil propulsion system manufacturer to communicate on pontoon testing ?

Yes very good. The static thrust of the propeller says a lot about the propeller potential. However, it is most important to determine the efficiency of the propeller. The propeller thrust is then increased very easily only by increasing the diameter of the propeller or the pitch of the blades. Standing water is sufficient to measure the efficiency of the propeller.

However, a small water velocity (e.g., 3 to 5 km / h, as in the photo is sufficient to measure wing efficiency, since the wing efficiency is almost linear with increasing water speed.

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Yes but this is a thread about FR efoil , i agree with you about propeller dynamic but i think it will be hard to gain everywhere for take off , long time cruising … To me ( and i am only guessing to what i have experimented flying) there is not ONE good propeller, it is depending on what you want or need , if the propeller gives me what i want i don’t mind loose 10min of riding or change battery
But i will happy to see a nice designed propeller

I can measure the efficiency of the propeller. If the propeller has little efficiency, I can improve the shape in 3D CAD.

Every propeller should have the highest efficiency, thereby significantly extending the length of the voyage. The propeller thrust is then increased very easily only by increasing the diameter of the propeller or the pitch of the blades.

Flying Rodeo and the CAESE team with their parametric CFD SW have set the bar pretty high already.
Do you think you could do any better ? to
including 2016, 2017 and 2018

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Yes, I am able to significantly increase the efficiency of the Flying Rodeo propeller. In the photos of the drive system from FR I see various deficiencies in the propeller and the pipe. But I can increase the efficiency of a propeller from another manufacturer that would then sell the improved propeller to the forum members. The first step must be this: first the efficiency of the propeller must be measured. Propeller efficiency is measured at static thrust. If it is low, then the cause is determined - whether the propeller has the wrong blade shape, or the number of blades or hub shape, whether it is suitable for e-foil and for nominal RPM.

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Thanks for your feedback @Bufadore ufadore

I’m about to order 2 systems from FR to then make my own e foil SUP board for surfing and riding waves. I want to ride waves NOT just high speed on flat water.

I have 3 x 3D printers CNC machine and lathe at home but having made my own electric surfboards for the past 8 years i know how much endless tinkering and fiddling is involved with DIY systems and this time around i just dont know if i can be bothered building a full DIY motor pod + im super time poor these days … i just want somthing that works and go e-foiling.

Can i ask how much you weigh and how easy does the motor system lift u out of the water?

ALSO : what speedy and battery setup did you end up using for yourself.

do you have any pictures u want to share?