Fr 2019 motor system

Is this my motor best regards sebastian

Price: 1426€ + VAT + shipping

But i normaly give for you -5% discaunt

I remember to have seen here a milling service offer from David aka FR and it seems that @Jezza in 2018 either sent him his pod to mill in stl format or bought it on the shelf. Jezza, do you confirm ?


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He did offer a milling service, however if imagine his machines don’t stop running now that they are building for lift etc.

@Flying_Rodeo I understand you are super busy but wondering if you ever planning to sell boards in the future? I offered you deposit to save my spot for any date your are ok with It is totally fine with me if you tell me FR will not sell any board to the community so we go and find another avenue thank you :pray:

NEW IN LINEUP for 2019

Preorder new and geht -35% discaunt on wing


Which Gonf Foil do you use ? What is the wing size, L, XL ?

This its L but i like more M :surfing_man:‍♂ L its good for learning and make tight turning :pray:

Can you give more details?

Pre-order includes the entire mast assembly including wing + motor? Price?

And will you be selling batteries as well?

I am really confused with How they conduct business!! They advertise 30% off and it is not clear how to get that or what is included! When I reach to actually purchase or deposit to save my spot for next build for any date in the future there is no response!! Flying rodeo makes amazing parts Super nice and amazing quality I wish he learns how to expand his business and better customer relationship soon

It says above, -35% off the wing when bought as part of the package.

I love you all guys… :hugs:

I have delliver all customer when i taked money, nobady stay empty hand :thinking:

Im not person ho its crazy on money i only enyoi in my work like you guys when your building efoils…

I never go in mass production becose i will lost pasion to work… :surfing_man:‍♂:dash:


Are you able to ship to the United States?

Also I noticed you have all components except the battery listed on your website, is there any plan to sell batteries or would we just need order one from Lift?

You are making amazing parts never seen comparable quality to your work. I am 100% ok with paying deposit and save my spot in the queue even if you say it takes up to 3 months. I understand you have lots of demand but having a solution to manage the demand fairly doesn’t seem very hard


Yes we ship to United States,

For now we dont sell batery and ESC :thinking:

Just saw your post that says you’re sold out until the end of August. Guess I’ll be waiting until next summer :sob:

Probably a good thing for my wallet since the price is still a little high, it seems like there’s a lot more competition ramping up now so maybe things will be a little more affordable in 2020 :pray:

Many thanks to flying rodeo the motor is a Beast


Nice board. You make that yourself?

Yeah, amazing work :+1:


It is highly recommended to order with the 3m adhesive on the back of the pad. What is interesting with those pads is the price but also the length: 2.10m (7 feet) :ok_hand: