Fr 2019 motor system

You are making amazing parts never seen comparable quality to your work. I am 100% ok with paying deposit and save my spot in the queue even if you say it takes up to 3 months. I understand you have lots of demand but having a solution to manage the demand fairly doesn’t seem very hard


Yes we ship to United States,

For now we dont sell batery and ESC :thinking:

Just saw your post that says you’re sold out until the end of August. Guess I’ll be waiting until next summer :sob:

Probably a good thing for my wallet since the price is still a little high, it seems like there’s a lot more competition ramping up now so maybe things will be a little more affordable in 2020 :pray:

Many thanks to flying rodeo the motor is a Beast


Nice board. You make that yourself?

Yeah, amazing work :+1:


It is highly recommended to order with the 3m adhesive on the back of the pad. What is interesting with those pads is the price but also the length: 2.10m (7 feet) :ok_hand:


Aloha to all :slight_smile:

im building now props for Maytech, flipsky and reacher motor :slight_smile:

i want only to know how many you want so nobody will stay empty hand :slight_smile: and then will again say that David its not nice man because cant delivery :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

quality its realy HIGH:

  • Aerospace ALU
  • high quality surface treatment (more than 50um)
  • polished props
  • perfect balanced

and which color you prefer:


They look amazing as per usual! How much are they, please?

i have not yet make a price :wink:

its more people gona buy less i will go with price :slight_smile:

lets say that:

5 props (-5% discaunt)
10 props (-10% discaunt)
15 props (-15% discaunt)
20 props (-20% discaunt)
25 props (-25% discaunt)

and then STOP

becuse mybe ho will order 100 props and then geht all for free :joy::joy::joy:


Hi David,

What’s the pitch and diameter?


Diameter : 152mm
Pitch : 7 inch

Yes please. I’ll take one in blue or black.


Hi David,

Did you run some tests on a Maytech/flipsky/reacher or is it just a standard size you are using on the FR motor? If tested what kv, voltage did you use?

The only feedback from real tests with these motor is from Virus at 100kv 12s, he used 130mm and 5" pitch.

I’m interested, just wondering about the size.



I want my standard prop modification and fit to mytech motor…

Sounds good to me, where do I pay.

Can you tell im keen on one.

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Do you know that it will work with flipsky motor? then put me on your list for the props, too

I will sell 2 props for only 49€ + shipping and then we geht back fedback if its work perfect :hugs: i will not gona sell what its not work :hugs::surfing_man:‍♂:dash:

If not i will return money to these two riders on the storm :grinning:

I’ll do this deal David. I have a 120kv maytech motor to test the prop on.

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ok… we have one :slight_smile: :slight_smile: