Fr 2019 motor system


:arrow_right: Hello everyone if ho need realy HIGH QUALITY motor system for your EFOIL :heart_eyes:

for MEMBER -5% discaunt :heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is this a direct drive setup or geared?


is that you who took all the chief gearboxes?:thinking::grinning:


Hi, Direct (custom made) :grinning:


Hi, i have go on direkt, becuse bether fieling when you fliying :grinning:



Where do we get more details? Like price, specs, what’s included and how to order. Any videos of it in action?



So, in 2019, we will have (at least) 2 brands selling custom direct drive motors (LIFT and FR). Hopefully should be a matter of months before we find them on the shelf for DiYers :wink: