Forum Poll #3 - ESC's


Please answer each of the three questions. Come back periodically and click “See results” below each question as more people respond.

Which ESC are you using?

  • VESC 4.2
  • VESC 6
  • VESC higher power version
  • Hobbywing Seaking 130A
  • Hobbywing Seaking (other- list in “Reply” below)
  • Flier 16S 400A
  • Flier 22S 400A
  • Flier (other- list in “Reply” below)
  • Alien 150A
  • Alien (other- list in “Reply” below)
  • Turnigy
  • HIFEI Swordfish Pro
  • YEP 180A HV
  • Castle Edge HV 160
  • Kelly Controller
  • Kontronik
  • Fulcrum pro+ 300A
  • Other (list in “Reply” below)
  • Undecided

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How are you cooling your ESC?

  • No special efforts on cooling
  • Open water cooling via mast
  • Closed liquid cooling system - circulating
  • Casing filled with fluid - non-circulating
  • Passive cooling, e.g. enhanced heat sink
  • Using mast as a heat sink
  • ESC mounted in motor pod
  • Fan
  • Other (list in “Reply” below)
  • Undecided

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Does your ESC support current control?

  • My ESC supports current control / limiting
  • Duty cycle control only, no current control
  • Don’t know
  • No ESC selected yet

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Thank you for participating!


I use Yep 120 hv…


Yep 120A…


AlienPower 300A Boat ESC


400A Boat ESC 22S. Running at 16S atm


It’s a little pity that no Flipsky FSESC6.6 , it’s also based on VESC6, actually with half price. However, time will prove everything! good day to everyone!


YEP120A HV 20characters…


It doesn’t have a high enough current rating…


Thanks for your information, we’ll continue to optimize it.


Sorry for bringing this “old” topic back.
I’m interested in the Flipsky FSESC 6.6. It’s only rated at 60A continuous, 120A peak Current though. My motor can handle 80A max , so I’m thinking if I use proper water cooling , i may be alright with the 60A continuous. I think that i will only reach 80A on “liftoff” , once foiling, I’ll be most probably down to 50A (estimated).
What do you guys think?
What would exactly “burst” in the ESC due to over current ? Assuming temperature is not problem, which components would not be able to handle the current ?
And has anyone here tried any flipsky esc yet ? Would be great to know if the 60A are real 60A and if the build quality is alright .