FORUM POLL #1 - status, motivation and general


Hi Everyone,

This Polls category is a new category where we want to do weekly polls on the most interesting topics. The results will be shared in real-time and they will help us all to identify trends and keep a pulse on what’s going on. This forum has a pretty nice polling feature. If you have feedback or suggestions for our next poll, please let @PollAdmins know about your idea. We are able to do single/multi choice polls and numerical ratings, no text input. Please provide a list of options with your suggestion. Thank you!

How far have you progressed in your efoil build?

  • Just curious
  • Seriously considering a build
  • Acquiring components
  • Assembling
  • Out of water tests
  • In-water tests
  • Up and running!

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Are you building:

  • For the interest/challenge of the build and the pleasure of riding
  • Solely for the pleasure of riding. The build is just work to get me to the ride.
  • For pleasure and potential commercial interest (building for resale)
  • Primarily for commercial interest
  • Other

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What is your profession?

  • Engineer
  • Designer/Architect
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Manager
  • Other Professional
  • Student
  • Retired
  • Other

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Which topic are you most interested to see a poll for?

  • Type of Propulsion System people are building
  • Motors in use
  • ESCs in use
  • Gear types
  • Batteries
  • Boards
  • Foils
  • Props
  • Biggest Challenges
  • Builder Skill Matrix
  • Other builder info (age, country, …)

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Thanks for participating and stay tuned for further polls.