For Sale: AUSTRALIA almost complete PM setup

Hey all

Moving in a different direction so selling an almost complete eFoil set up. Only thing you need is to add your own ESC + waterproof box and you’re good to go. Sorry to see it go, will try and sell it as a package.

Comes complete with
-Genuine Slingshot board (Alien I believe), with lightly modded rear to allow cable routing, and tethers for electronics
-Chinese Efoil (alibaba/Slingshot HoverGlide clone)
-Genuine 90cm drilled sling shot mast
-Chinese ~70cm mast
-SSS motor 56104
-Neugart 5:1 reducer gearbox
-4x 6S 10,000mAh batterys with about 5 cycles each through them. Two of them need to be terminated.
-All 3D printed parts needed to get going
-esk8 radio
-all battery looms
-Thrust unit is pre-mounted and coupled and lubricated. Can easily be disassembled to be inspected before use for new buyer piece of mind.
-All the miscellaneous bits and pieces. Those that have embarked down the build know how much extra crap there is to buy! So you’ll get spare shafts, O-Rings, screws, nuts, random mounting pieces, wires/connectors etc.

Pictures of components and previous setup.

Videos of thrust testing this exact setup

Due to the size of this, I’d say this is pick up only from Melbourne Australia. Essentially an almost complete setup for $1900AUD.

Happy to answer any questions

Need it gone! $1500 bump

$1000, need it gone before I move!!!

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Bump! Good luck with the sale… this is an extremely good deal!!


If i was 870km closer I would drive over now & pick up. Its a bargain for someone !

Is it Still available?