For Sale 2 motors 56115 100kv for 150€


Hi Everyone, as my garage storage is not unlimited i sell 2 pcs 56115 Motors (100kv)

-The red one has long shaft 10cm 10mm diameter
-The black other short shaft 8mm (spray paint on it that can be removed with acetone)

The black is sold as untested (tried to epoxy the winding) during the epoxy of the winding when i put back the can 2 copper wires were pressed and cut, maybe it will cause a loss of power, maybe unbalancing, maybe nothing noticeable. Worst scenario it will be used for spare parts.

The red one is working and was tested for 30 minutes in a lake it took some water because of bad oil seal alignment, but as the can is stainless stell and the winding was coated with varnish it seems fine.
Even the bearings the motor spin without problem with hand.

The 2 motors have wires cut really short so need to sand it to solder new one (during disassembly i had to proceed this way as they were dipped in epoxy) And they were scratched by disassembly.!

Price 150€ For the 2. They cost me about 380€ including shipping.

I live in France but can ship in all Europe


Did you use a gearbox with these motors? Or did you used Direct Drive?


Hi, the only one that was tested is the red one, direct drive


Can you tell me the model of this motor?



  • MODEL: 56115
  • KV: 100
  • MAX POWER: 5000W
  • TORQUE: 4.8 NM
  • MAX AMP: 50A
  • MAX VOLT: 24S (100.8V)
  • SIZE mm: 56 x 115 ( without shaft )
  • WEIGHT (g): 1.000


Did you test it on a E-Foil? Do you know if this motor can generate enough Power?


Hi I think so, I had major issue with the mast fixation which made it bend during test of this motor, then I had issues with the housing … I went back to 80 mm outrunner. This motor need at least 14s-16s and i want to keep low voltage…
Also need a prop with diameter about 13cm no more


Can you send me a link with the 80mm out runner that you are talking about?