Flying Nemo from North Queensland Australia

Thanks Rikard,
I didn’t smell anything around the motor pod. So I’m hoping it’s all ok

I have the 22S version, I figured it would be better to run everything well below the maximum voltage limits. I am running 12S. The dual wires are no problem, I run dual 10AWG wires down the board to the top of the mast for each motor phase, I find it easier than running a single 8AWG because of the smaller solder joins.

I haven’t tried the throttle curve function, I feel that it is controllable enough with a linear curve.

Have you had any issues with your PLE40 gearbox?

Thanks Jake,
My PLE40 has been all good so far. But I’ve only had 7 full sessions on the board. Fingers crossed . I have read many comments about having a gentle throttle curve to make it last longer.

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Nemo going well with a new Flier ESC


Great photo! you look relaxed.
Which Flier ESC did you select ? Can you post some detailed images of your setup.
( I went with the 16s 400A waterproof) but it is still in transit :frowning:

Thanks Alex
I have the flier 22s 400 amp waterproof.
I had a few drama’s making it work. Flier then got me to change the firmware to aeroplane firmware and surprisingly it fixed the issues. The only main difference with the aeroplane firmware is no reverse function. Flier is currently making a new firmware for me. I have asked that they change the 3 second without signal cutoff to be adjustable and include 0.5 seconds. They told me they would look into it.
This is how my electronics bay looks at the moment. I had to do a reconfigure as the flier ESC is huge.
If there’s any particular feature of my setup you want to see, let me know and I’ll take some more pictures.


Looking good !
I also hope to see the “without signal cutoff to be adjustable and include 0.5 seconds” that would be a great feature to have. Thanks for asking them!

What is the item below & left of the 150A circuit breaker ? is it a fuse , switch or terminal block?
Something that I and many other people would benefit from is your circuit schematic / parts list,
a hand sketch would be fine.


Hi Alex,
In my picture above, below and left of the circuit breaker is a terminal block for the negative connection. This made it easier to connect the dual cables on the flier ESC with eye terminals. Below is a very rough sketch of how I have it wired. I’ll try to do a parts list in the next day or so.

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Here’s the parts list for the above diagram.

Flier 22S 400 amp waterproof ESC

Multistar twin output SBEC


150 amp circuit breaker

30 amp inline blade fuse holder

Auto reset circuit breaker for fuse holder

Power distribution posts

Oset magnetic kill switch. Contacts open when magnetic is removed

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@rogjalon Isn’t it better to turn off the esc’s power supply via the kill switch rather than just receiving the remote control? I seem to have read this on the forum

Hi Manu,
The way I have this set up is working well for me. My ESC is set up to shut down with in 3 seconds of signal loss. I have asked flier to make a program where this is reduced to 0.5 seconds. This is mainly to stop me from having a long swim to retrieve my board.
I did read somewhere that cutting main power to the ESC under load is not good for it. So I decided not to do it that way.
Some efoils like fliteboard don’t have any cut off protection at all.

Thank you for your answers, how do you program the ESC switch off after 3 seconds I don’t see or select this option on the notice…

The 3 second cut off is not in the program list. It’s a standard feature on the Flier ESC. I have written to Flier and asked if they can make a firmware to include this as a programmable setting. As I think 0.5 seconds would be better for our needs. Flier said that they would look into it, but haven’t yet confirmed anything with me.

I saw afterward thank you, swordfish also protects against signal loss but they do not mention the time in seconds of this protection…

I read that the swordfish X ESC has signal loss protection in 100ms. Which is very quick. I’m not sure if all of their ESCs are the same

I inquire and do not fail to share information. Thanks again for your information.
And bravo your wiring and organization are super clean, I like

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Hi, I have a Flier esc and just read the thread about the possibility of a custom firmware. Did anything ever come of this? It would be a really nice feature, or did your ever get sent a firmware files we might be able to tweak :wink:.

No, I’m still using the aeroplane firmware.
They’re asking for $1000 USD to make a custom firmware. Far to expensive. Although if we could get around 20 of us sharing the cost, it may be worth it.

I tried that aeroplane firmware you sent me. I’m using the 320 amp 3-16s boat esc.
It definitely isn’t the right firmware for this esc. It completely spazzed out my motor. It was worth a try though. Mine works ok on the boat v3.0 firmware so I didn’t have a lot to gain. Thanks for sending it for me to try.

My ESC is the 22s 400a. It’s strange that only the aeroplane firmware worked for me.
It seems that every model that they make needs a different firmware.
Sorry it didn’t help you.