Flying Nemo from North Queensland Australia


Thanks Rikard,
I didn’t smell anything around the motor pod. So I’m hoping it’s all ok


I have the 22S version, I figured it would be better to run everything well below the maximum voltage limits. I am running 12S. The dual wires are no problem, I run dual 10AWG wires down the board to the top of the mast for each motor phase, I find it easier than running a single 8AWG because of the smaller solder joins.

I haven’t tried the throttle curve function, I feel that it is controllable enough with a linear curve.

Have you had any issues with your PLE40 gearbox?


Thanks Jake,
My PLE40 has been all good so far. But I’ve only had 7 full sessions on the board. Fingers crossed . I have read many comments about having a gentle throttle curve to make it last longer.