Flying Fish Jet Drive Build

Your build looks very good!

just wondering how did you approach regarding impeller size, pitch, and profile to work optimally with your motor. did you do any calculations or simulations?

interested in trying a direct impeller drive with a slightly larger motor sacrificing on efficiency but gaining on safety and glide in waves.

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Can you post the file for the connector you made I’m stuck on that haha this looks perfect

Hi @Hiorth

I did not use any formal calculations, however, I looked at what propellers which have been proven in a jet use case. The closest usage scenario I found was MHZ’s 58mm impeller and their motor setup. I figure once I get my 3D printed propeller working, I would just like to purchase the MHZ cnc impeller. So I based on my cad work on MHZ’s impeller diameter and motor. Also, I took into account my battery which is a 13S. The other critical factor was the esthetic design and the sleekness of the fuselage being the motor housing. I am eliminating the hydrofoil fuselage and just attaching the foil wings to the motor housing. With this in mind, the 64mm impeller from MHZ would have made it too wide and less hydrodynamic. This made it cheaper too because I just need to purchase the wings I like use whatever mast I can find. It was more of an intuitive approach based on form rather than all math.

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Here you go.

The files are male and female stl.

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