Flying Fish Jet Drive Build

I made the same size as the MHZ 64mm impeller.


What kind of thrust and current draw are you getting with your 64mm impeller?

I am not sure of the specific thrust but I was able to ride around on my stomach not flying though. I ordered a new 500kv motor to get more RPMs. I will have better results to share after I upgrade.

Hey guys, I have had many requests for the CAD files I created for my direct jetdrive build so here it is in the original build post above. I have include all parts needed for the jet end including impeller. Make sure you use these components to be successful:

500-1000KV Motor 56mm
300 Amp ESC
6-8AWG wires
Do not Print in PLA
Print in SLS Nylon or something strong

When you say 500-100KV motor do you mean a 500KV motor or a 100KV motor or anything in-between? Didn’t really understand that part.

Sorry I was missing a zero. I meant to say 500KV to 1000KV(recommended by MHZ).

Ahhhh duh. I’m used to folks talking about lower KV on here so I wasn’t even thinking about 1000. So which is best since SSS makes all different KV motors?

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Good question, I am using the 500KV SSS motor 56mm diameter. MHZ recommends SSS 56104/1000KV if you use their 64mm impeller.

I am not sure what the sweet spot because it all depends on impeller pitch, size and shape. Let me know what you decide and your test results.

Their recommended motor KV is for 24V . I would be running 48V to keep the amps down so 500kv would be the max kv. I have a SSS 360kv sitting on the shelf for my jetboard project, but have decided to ditch the 56mm motors because I dont think the 360kv has enough torque for a 64mm jet. I decided to go for an aps 250kv 8072 outrunner to get the torque I need for the jet.

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Let me know how it runs. I am curious how the larger motor will work with the impeller.

Hey Man, love the build. i went to download youre files and see you have uploaded the stl. do you have the cad, solidworks files?


After an epic fail at the lake last week. My 4:1 Parker gearbox died and I had to swim in. I am ready to say “No to Gearheads”.

I was motivated to complete the assembly of the direct drive/direct cooling set up. Going to test it out on the next sunny day.


Nice work & thanks for sharing the STL files. Could you share any Fusion 360 files if you have them?

So I was bored on my 6 hour flight so I decided on a new build based on various previous inspirations. Here is my next build. Waiting on machining and a new 3D printer extruder which died after printing the stator. I have no idea if this will fly or not but I have a motor to test on it.


I like it.
I’m working on a similar approach.


How to relieve the stab strain from the fuselage: the Fliteboard insight.

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@Paolo Let me know how yours fly. I am still wondering if my motor will do the job. What motor are you using for your jet drive?

Yes, I have the same concern as you can see here.
I’m testing different impellers and I improved since then.
In a few weeks, I should be able to do a full test.
It runs with Lipo 16S, SSS 56114 360KV, Esc Flier 400A


Impressive data gathering work. Thanks for sharing.

Christmas came early. My machinist is awesome and got this done today.