Flipsky VX1 remote receiver connection

Hello everyone,

During my last testing, my cheap waterproof remote from China died and I got a new flipsky VX1 remote to replace it. It apparently has a cruise control function!! I just got it in the mail today and if I follow their instructions to connect it with my ESC, it doesn’t work. Here are the instructions:

So I plugged in the positive of a 5v power output to the V pin and then I connected the 3pins from my ESC into the S/5V/- pins. I found it odd that I didn’t connect the negative side of my 5v as my ESC doesn’t not provide power through its 3pins plug. Any ideas on how else I could plug it so it can work? I was thinking of putting my 3pin in the VTX/VRX/V pins and then the positive and negative 5v power output to the 5v/- and leave the S alone. Let me know what you think!

V is for measuring pack voltage. S is for signal.
5v and gnd are needed go power the Receiver (so if your esc doesnt output 5v, you will need a bec).
The rx/tx are vesc specific. So for flier they are useless.

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To add to that, the cruise control function is something that is sent over uart (if I am not mistaken). So if you don’t have a VESC you can’t use that functionality unfortunately.

Alright so I would need to plug my 5V power source to the 5v and gnd pins. I’m assuming the ESC has to connect with the S but the flier ESC has a 3pin plug. Is there one of the three pins dedicated to the signal only? Or this remote just won’t work with my ESC?

Which version did you get? Flipsky offers 3 versions of that remote: VESC4, VESC6, non-VESC. Although I love Flipsky, I have this remote and I could never get it to read the voltage. Also, this is not waterproof so I hope you’re bagging it or something.

I got it through Mboards so I’m not sure which version. But if you look on their website it seems like it is all the same version… Just different wiring diagrams! So now I need to figure out what to do with my 3pin plug that should connect in one pin .

What I will do you what I understood :

  • check on the esc if the - on the 3 pin is grounded to the - battery cable
  • check on the receiver if the +5v in one when you wire the battery to the V pin of the receiver and the (-) pin on the receiver

Alright so I connected my 5v power supply to 5V and (-) pins and the led starts blinking so it works and I’m able to pair the remote. I also connected the normally S pin of the three pin plug from my ESC to the S pin of the receiver but that doesn’t amount to anything since it doesn’t connect with my ESC/motor. Should I try to connect my 5V power source with the 3pin plug from my ESC (positive side of power source with 5V and negative side of power source with (-)?

How do people connect the flier 400a ESC to the remote @pacificmeister used? I believe it only has one wire too. Any idea @Mat?

Hard to tell if the negative on the 3pin is grounded or not since my ESC is in an aluminum box. I’m not sure what you meant by your second point.
Now my problem is to have the ESC connect with the receiver properly. I am able to power on the receiver and pair it with the remote but it does connect with the ESC/motor.

After some more testing, I connected the three pin plug where it was supposed to go and then I connected my 5v power source to the underside of the 5v and (-) pin on the receiver and it worked like a charm. Thanks for everyone that pitched in!

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Grounded as -pin esc and - battery side wire on the esc

So both receiver and esc has the - and 5v connected to same external power Supply ? Ubec?

I was just asking you that because I think the esc can work with only the S and the - maybe or the esc has already the - connected to its - on the side battery side and this will double the ground , i recalled maybe a trouble under load but not to sure i am not a expert with that

@Vicdes2 So finally the flipsky remote is working with the Flier 400A esc ? I’m about to get a remote . Is it with the screen ?? Thanks

Yes it works just fine! It doesn’t connect like it shows on the website though. It is the vx1 model so it is the one without the screen. Keep in mind that the speed function on the Vx2 (with screen) works with the wheel diameter of an electric skateboard so it won’t work for our application.