Felix's fast E-Foil build from Austria

Do you have the 3D model for the rear of the 3D mast clamp?

This is what I think will work for you:

Print the mast clamp and struts like this:

Then attach the duct so that it will eventually look like this:

Having 6 points on the duct should eliminate the vibrations.

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Printed in quality PETG, with a bit of flexibility ?
Was thinking of a bit of NACA 10 airfoil section for the 6 “fingers”… and a round leading edge for the PVC pipe.

Yeah definitely put a foil on the struts. Will help water flow.

Burnt my esc😔 any good esc below 150€?

I dont know this one, but its cheap and for the specs, it looks promising

Sorry to see that , cheap doesn’t go with efoil , why buy 2 cheap esc instead of 1 good one ? Vesc 6 with good watercooling is up to the job and with current control you will burn anything more , or the trampa, flipsky or maytech vesc 200A …
More around 240€ will make you fly not 150€ …

14s please im running high voltage

Ok I know some told me already do you think I can return this esc to hobby king?

Yes you can try to post a complain with a pics but saying that happen on efoil … no warranty I guess so use the correct words for hobby king

I will try to do that😉

14s oups that may be why … less esc above 12s…

The first thing to understand is why it burnt out. Was it lack of cooling, or a short or did it get water on it?
You don’t want to burn through another one.

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No no water was in there but what’s irritating is that the cooling metal plate was above the mosfets. But I’m allowed to send it back perhaps.

Thanks I’m ready to spent on a well esc for 250€.

And the funny thing is my battery (diy) is totally fine. It doesn’t even get warm. We tested it on a boat (with the foil outside in the water). We got 4000w (peak out of it) esc was totally cool we where nearly gliding. So with a board it should have been possible right? NOPE no power again I did lots of hotglue on the wires and it stopped “pulsing” but then cutoff. Paddled to the shore and when I opened the box smoke came out of it.

A yep on 14s with a 80100 slow start : way over reasonable limits
I had pulsing on load when a fried some fets on my swordfish , lasted 1min and It given for 300a but for heli , that was a very expensive 1min ride …

So it was clear that it would burn ?

No depending on quality making, board size , weight , propeller size …
i run my swordfish esc boat 8s 200a for +50h and with the same setup , I run the swordfish heli 300a on 12s for 1 min

As you can see mine burnt but the funny thing is that it says 4-14s and then max voltage 51v :thinking:

My mistake , sorry , yes it is written 14s , but It is a copy based on the yge 120 hvt which is rated for 12s