Extra Parts for Sale: FR Motor with mast APS Motor Reacher motor Hydrofoil Mast

Hi All

I am selling my extra parts. All parts are new in original packaging and will ship from the US if you don’t want to wait. I use all these parts with success. I just have a great working efoil now so I dont need these new extra parts anymore.

I can include 3D prints of motor mounts as propeller in the photos if you want.

New Battery 6S Tattu 22000MAH http://ebay.us/gQJKWm?cmpnId=5338273189
Used Alien Motor - APS 56200 Inrunner brushless motor 100KV 8000W = $200
New Reacher motor DL65150 100KV = $460
New 1 x FR Motor = $1,709.53
New 1 x FR Motor with Mast = $1,814.43
+Shipping Costs
Let me know if you are interested. PM me.


Wow, you are not satisfied with FR setups? Which one do you keep?

Actually I love the FR motor, it is so strong. I have 2 FR setups. I bought the 2nd for backup in case my first breaks but the motor is pretty durable so I don’t need the backup motor anymore. I only need 1 so I am just selling the extra one. It is brand new. I need to focus on my jetdrive.


I posted my reacher motor here if anyone is interested. Especially now David will be providing the propeller for this motor.