EXOGLIDE - From Thailand


New slow moving project under development in Thailand.

The project idea is to make boards for me and my friends and have an efoil where you can stand up to start with a reliable electric motor, batteries and remote device.
The first prototype is working, we now improving all parts to make it lighter and more efficient (still have a lot to do …).

Cheers from Bangkok,



Hello ! which is your setup for the moment ? :blush:

  • Custom made Bamboo board 7’1, 120 liters that i plan to make in 2 parts to make easy transportation.

  • ESC Hydra ice HV200

  • SSS MOTOR 500 KV

  • MAYTECH water proof remote IP67

  • Chinese Gear box 5:1

  • Propeller from Flying Rodeo

  • 2 x LiPo Batteries 6S, 20 000 mA

  • All PLA printed parts replaced by alu 6061 machined

  • Double bearing on shaft

  • Home made Carbon Fiber foil and mast, aluminum fuselage

That s the preliminary setup, it will be improved step by step, all advices are welcome !


Welcome aboard !
Which motor have you tested ? Do you intend to make it a commercial product if your friends like it ?


Thank you. I m using SSS motor 500KV. No commercial vision…, just for me and my friends !, i m looking for good propeller, FR is out of stock. Any suggestion ?