ESC/VESC for SSS56104 500KV / PLE 4:1

Hi everyone

I have been roaming the forum for the last couple of days to figure out which ESC / VESC to buy for my setup, a SSS 56104 500kv with a PLE 4.1 gearing.

I am leaning towards the Flier 400A as many people tried this with succes. But i would like to future proof my ESC, so that it is also suitable for e.g. the Flipsky FS65161 100kv, when (not if) I break my current motor or gear. :slight_smile:

I dont have the money for the VESC 75/300, but i am considering the following ESCs/VESCs:

Flier 400A boat $289
Pros: High current capility, good and easy software Cons: Issues running Flipsky/maytech motors with, some people have made it work.
Flipsky FSESC 200A (VESC6 based) $269
Pros: VESC6 based, with more option to setup and log info Cons: Low current (200) dont know if that is enough for me (95kg)
Flipsky Seal 300A (Not VESC based, produced by Reacher Tech) $289
Pros: High current, suitable for Flipsky FS65161 motor Cons: Not many real world test yet, not VESC based, priced similar to the Flier 400A

All three are waterproof, and I like that about them.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you!

Hi Michael,

What’s your battery setup ? If 12S max is no problem I would suggest Flipsky VESC based. You will have plenty of parameters to tweak. Furthermore, you will have no problem running it with the Flipsky motor.

If you are worried about 200A not being enough, here is a simple calculation :

Considering you’re running a fresh 12S pack (50.4V), it would give you about 10kW of power. If you need that amount of power to foil or even get foiling you already have a big problem :smiley:

Also, never trust blindly Chinese numbers. I have doubts about their 300-400A motor current. The 200A VESC based was successfully tested on the forum, even at 200A motor current.

I run a 12S setup with 24000mah (4x LiPos 6S 12000mah). You think the Flipsky 200A VESC is sufficient? I just worry that peak currents will burn the ESC.

VESC features allows you to control / limit the motor / battery current and limit the peaks. Won’t be easy to burn a VESC based ESC IF EVERYTHING is set properly.

I was considering buying it, but now going a totally other route. I tried 3 times to buy it lol though but a Chinese intermediate was blocking my payment, I dunno why.

The power limit is of cource an upside for the 200A VESC, you think it would still be possible to hit higher speeds e.g. 25-30 kph?

What route are you going now? Btw, flipsky has 20-20% sale the next 2 days, if you wanna try your luck again.

FYI : @Michion is 95kg too and managed to foil @44kmh :

Speed is totally depending on prop, wings & board combo.

Trying with the help on another diyer another ESC. We’ll share some progress on his build thread when ready.

Go for either the seal 300A or the 200A VESC. I wouldn’t touch the flier ESC, I don’t think their quality control is that good.

I am leaning toward the 200A VESC, to be able to the set the different parameters and for the price difference. It is on sale on for 185 USD incl. shipping. The 300A is 265 USD incl. shpping.

I have the same foil as @michion, the NAISH WS1, however i think he is using the Flipsky 300A non-VESC based, when reaching the 44 kph (Which I btw dont have any intentions to reach anytime soon)

Nope. My first build is using a flier 320A boar esc which I haven’t had any trouble with. Sss motor and neugart gearbox is only drawing about 50A when cruising.

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