ESC for 80100 130kv flipsky

I am building a new foil. What would be the best ESC match for the 130kv flysky 7KW motor (this unit:

I am considering the fliers 400amp boat model. I had previously used a very similar motor (generic and lower KV) with a 300amp generic drive unit, not branded as a fliers but otherwise similar and it worked well.

I am under the impression that the APS, fliers and several other brand names are either made at the same factory or clones of the same basic design.

Anyways I will probably run it on 12S because I already have a set of 12S (actually 2 6s packs in series) hobby king batteries I think they are 15AH 12C.

Any recommendations of ESC’s for this setup? will be pushing 7.25 x 6 outboard prop (may not be ideal but I have a spare from my old boat).