ESC alternative


54 000 , pair of poles …


Oh soo its 3 pole PAIRS. Idk why i thought 6 poles. So if their “drv” chip can handle 70k+ erpm, it should be worth a try?


I guess yes
A sabvoton 48150 for a direct drive type 80-100
A Kelly high speed for a geared 56mm


Finally available on pre-order. A bit overkill for most foils, but robust and with plenty of headroom.


Ya, that’s a powerhouse, really nice ESC, nice job Trampa!
These high powered VESC’s are opening the doors to really increble new builds!

I had my own (16S) 75v 200A VESC designed specifically for efoiling, it runs a true 100A continuous without water cooling, and up to 200A continuous with water cooling. Plus tons of built-in custom features like automatic half power throttle when volts reach low-level signaling you to start heading to shore, water cooling, inline anti-spark, reverse polarity protection, built in BEC, CAN port for communication with other arrays, PPM port, automated max current throttling if ESC starts to run too hot, waterproof high current ON/OFF button, USB link, and more…

This is not a china design esc, but real quality, more efficient, and true power ratings, built with the best parts available, and from a VESC specialist and robotics engineer who has been using this esc for a while but I had it altered to make it plug-in-play and added features just for efoilers for a foolproof DIY ESC. They will go into production in Feb and be available on our website with expected price $500 USD just in time for spring riding!


Some impressions… The 75/300 running a very beasty super low inductance inrunner.


Very nice work, no doubt.
Is there some video available with real 75V 300A? The housing is clamped to an aluminium block and gives up after some minutes reducing power to below 7kW. Talking about high current in the phases, the battery and capacitors can relax. Such tests we have seen before, with D-current, motors under water, a great inspiration, but power is not held because of much more heat and other problems in reality tests. With low dutycycle experiments we cannot see the effect. [] What would the motor winding look like if it consumes 300A at 75V constantly? Please show us what happens between 60-100% Dutycycle.


Please note that this motor is driven at 70Khz switching!
Normal FOC switching frequency is around 20Khz… Also Benjamin didn’t run it at full 16S.
Switching losses are the dominant factor when it comes to losses at the FETs.
This low inductance motor is the absolute worst case scenario for the ESC. You also see that the motor gets very hot although it has very good cooling, sitting an a 300Km/h airflow.
This VESC uses 3x the amount of FETs we use in the VESC 6. Some people are running the VESC6 at 100A constant with proper cooling.
The overall efficiency depends on your entire system. If you use a motor that can be operated at 20KHz switching, you will see a lot less losses and heat in the ESC and in consequence you can push more Amps for a a longer time. You can also go for higher voltages and reduce the Amp flow.


Please show us what happens between 60-100% dutycycle. It is essential. Vesc4 and 6 both seem to have some problems when reaching almost 100% under high load and produce a lot of heat in the region of 60-100%. So this is the area where we need test results. To become confident in the performance and how it is reached. You should be able to produce 20kW for several minutes according to your advertisment. Use a fully charged 10kWh battery 16S and discharge it at 20kW with the VESC75-300 through a motor and load of your choice.


Please show us how you drive 300A at 20 or 40kHz. Benjamin stated in the video, that there are some problems with current sampling and noise so he added a switchable low pass filter circuit on the analog side. I think there might be problems with current sampling in the high Dutycycle regions, because VESC always measures during recirculation in the off state, so sampling time is short. Hej Benjamin, give us some words, here are a lot of motor and ESC enthusiasts, keen to see their props turned efficiently. A lot of people here use your software, thank you a lot!


Somebody have experience with this esc:

They seem to be designed specifically for e foil


no sorry, seems to be new, also on aliexpress:,searchweb201602_5_10065_10068_319_10059_10884_317_10887_10696_100031_321_322_10084_453_10083_454_10103_10618_10307_537_536_10134,searchweb201603_51,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=00523d25-3fdf-4c77-a838-369525b6d629-0&algo_pvid=00523d25-3fdf-4c77-a838-369525b6d629&transAbTest=ae803_4