ESC alternative



My setup is 12s 100A, I already have an appropriate motor. I am planning to buy this esc. I also plan to fabricate custom cooling for this one so cooling wont be much issue ( I hope). Does anyone have experience with this esc? Would this be an overkill (400A) or is it best to be on the safe side. Any opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


ahh. thats the one i bought, aquastar esc 240a, still haven’t ran it yet, had to pause things for winter, (work commitments) i might take off the shrink wrap take a look at possible extra cooling ideas,keep me posted,… any ideas on a amp meter, looked at a few, would be nice to get a live display in real time,


You are going to want WATERCOOLED that will overheat and shut down on you likely ihsan


If you just want a display connected to your battery box, i recommed the “TF02”(search for Tf02 battery gauge), i think i use the 50V 50A type, it can also measure up to 100A with the delivered shunt. It can be used as a gauge, counting up and down the used Ah. The shunt is calibrated well and i used it right out of the box.
It holds the last measured capacity even when switched off completely.
I glued the screen into the top of my battery box:

Do not use the TF01N, it is too small to read it and the buttons for programming are on the front side where you cannot reach them while it is mounted.


To avoid the shunt, you can look into an hall sensor version… I bought one, 100V 100A (better stay close to max value for avvuracy) works just fine. Or, the wattmeter by Hobbyking… That’s cool to… China-shunt, if you read well, are rated 200 but continuous 60A, so…


Its the best i found for money so far. No networking.
72A max. you can easily attach cooling. I use forced air so far.
Isabellenhütte has some very good products.
If you have good personal experience with a product, please post it.


hi,* thanks, i took a look at the tf02, im thinking maybe to go with the 350A model just for safety, but id say the shunt is a good bit larger, it looks perfect, the guys over in esk8 seem to be using them, heres the link,


If some one want to get more information about VESC, you can also contact with me, I’m Grace, from Flipsky, we also design and manufactures ESC base on VESC, here’s our latest dual ESC based on VESC6 Product®-6-heat-sink


The dual FSESC6.6 can reach 100A continuous.


Did you use a Vesc 6 and cool it with mineral oil? Or did you dump the idea?


I’ve done it with a Vesc 4.XX and it blew up. The oil was usually used for cooling computers, ultra low electrical conductivity but it blowed anyway.
It should be the same for the Vesc 6.


Why did it blow up? Short circuit or overheating? I didn’t expect it to short in oil, but on the other hand the voltages in a computer are very low.


I finished my version for the VESC6 for in-thruster application. I am looking for beta testers (you have to purchase one) if anyone is interested. This should be able to perform at a very high level, while avoiding common ESC problems like overheating and overcurrent.


What about Sabvoton ebike controllers? There are few 150A for 300-400$ with shipping. Comes with lcd, current limit, phaze current limit, cruise, hall sensor etc, at hefty 2.2kg. Not sure is it tessted well.


I was looking the Kelly controller as well , but i think erpm will be a problem… Running a 56mm sss motor 500kv (6 poles) on 12s gives a erpm : 500x50x3: 75000
Kelly has the option : 40000 , 70 000 and ultra high speed
No information about sabvoton , i read max 40 000


That is not the right calculation!
The max RPM of the motor assuming no losses would be 500 x 12 x 4.2 = 25200


Yes correct and erpm = rpm x nb of pair of pole

No problem with vesc type but not the ev controller type :wink:


Pricedrop got my mind in clouds, i always forget about that erpm chip. Ugh :triumph:


My bad you were correct :see_no_evil:

The kelly’s can do up to 100000erpm for the ultra high speed.


@50V, 360kv 6pole is barely over the limit :smiley: