ESC alternative


Has anybody used one of the expensive VESC 6?

I love the adjust ability of the VESCs. Especially when running batteries without BMS. The VESC allows to limit battery amps and motor amps separately. And you can configure a soft and hard low voltage cut-off in order to protect your batteries.

I’m thinking about putting a VESC 6 into an aluminium case and filling the case with mineral oil. In fact, I’ve ordered the case already.

Any thoughts?


Please report on your results. I don’t know much about the vesc 6. I didn’t find the schematic yet. I have modified my current vesc quite much. I like the ability to adjust the software. I have temperature sensors in my burshless motor also connected to the vesc, so I can limit the current before it overheats. Without schematic I can’t do that. The vesc 6 would be much easier to assemble as there seems to be a heatsink by default.


you are right, the 4.12 and X are not good. ERPM limit is lower, FOC problems and unprotected DRV.
The 6 has another design, the problems of the 4.12 were improved and all fets on one side, aluminium case for heat transfer and the parts are around 70€. You can order one in the esk8 forum from users for around 145€ (trampa-boards charge 300GBP).
Big bonus: the design of VESC6 is modular. I already made a request for 20s 160A, which should be much better for the SSS motors.
Also my plan is to make a watercooling for the ESC. You always have some losses at the fets and the more power you draw, the more heat you have and I don’t think aircooling will work in a waterproof case.


I used a VESC-X and blowed it after some hours. One DirectFet is fried. I used it in BLDC mode, phase current limit 80A, small cooler for each fet and forced air. Current went down within a minute to 70A and less.
I plan to use 4.12 in combination with 4 heatpipes. One is soldered to the Drain of the 3 High Side Fets, three to to the drain of the Low Side Fets. Heatpipes need some cooling sheets and forced air.
Not sure yet which one i should order, Maytech, Flier or Smartech.
Any suggestions?
Similar tuning could be done with the VESC-X. But first i need to repair it. I am not sure where i could buy the DirectFets.


I got the Flier 400A Waterproof Boat ESC which arrives in a couple weeks


Found this one;

Quality ESC for helicopters, pretty $$$ tho. I guess this could work without watercooling, just with a heatsink .


Alienpower = Flier ESC
If you want an offer for Flier send mail to this guy
Rafael, Rafa mamba.
He works with Flier,TP power, cooled outrunners, Leopard etc. and he has a lot experience rc.


How is your 400A esc working?
Did you get waterproof version in aluminum box or heat shrinked version?
How many amps are you running and is it staying cool with water?


Used twice only, so not much feedback. It’s the shrinking wrap version.
Both time the runs where in the 15 min and it stayed cool the water pump turned on (40 deg) only a few seconds. Still no clue about the amps? For the water cooling, I have mod the front 3D cone with a hole in the center that connects to the front section of my foil, so the water can fill it up (no need of tube inside) and there is a pickup on the top. Works great in fresh water anyway!


Can you send a photo of your cone and pickup?


Here in fusion 360, it’s based on Hiorth v1 and it fits an Alpine mast. The hole on the mast side is not perpendicular to the mast to help the water flow move up. I will try (sadly only in a few months) to see if I need a pump or the pressure is high enough without one. You could also put a small filter before the esc.


I am supprised by how small this turtle box is and how it can support the forces involved.


It fits in a carbon female plug and one screw tighten both together, it’s simple and works well. If it would be a little bigger I could have put plugs directly so that when you connect the mast the electrical connections are set at the same time… maybe my next build


I see. The female has a larger sueface area.


I am currently considering purchasing one of the VESC 6’s too…

My idea is to CNC a similar aluminium housing to the one it comes with - but instead leaving some extra thickness, and then drilling holes through it lengthwise so that I can pipe water directly through.

Have you made much progress with the mineral oil method so far?


Hi, you can simply screw the VESC 6 to a water cooled plate. That should work just fine. I would not drill holes into the casing. There is a firmware available (and included in VESC-Tool) that allows you to raise the Amps up. For startup you can draw 120-140A. Continuous 80A should be no issue if water cooled.

However, we will soon see a 16S 250A rated VESC, and a 12S 350A rated VESC. Those VESC will also allow higher ERPMs. Perfect for Hydrofoils, Motorbikes and other high power applications.
Those VESCs will still need some time for evaluation and testing, but i’m optimistic to see them in production around July/August this year. prototypes will be tested very soon. After successful testing we will have a beta batch on pre-order. Stay updated and visit our website once in a while… I will announce the new VESC releases on this forum as soon as we have a realistic timeline.



Thanks for the update Frank! Great to have you join this forum. We are looking forward to getting our hands on high power VESCs. Keep us posted!



The quality ESC, pretty $$$ you mentioned seems to have some external similarities with this Toro one which does not look so expensive (150 US dollars here ). So it may be different internally :slight_smile:

No that I think about it, i think I saw @Virus using one of the same brand on his great youtube channel. I may be wrong.


Looks great, but 4-8s ?


About what a Trampa VESC 6 can handle :slight_smile:

VESC 6 abuse at minute 13 onwards:

TLDR: You will not fry a VESC 6, as long as you define reasonable temperature cutoffs in the software. If you glide at 50-80A, and use 120A for startup, you should be totally fine.
If you can mount the VESC SIX to a piece of aluminium with a big surface or even ad water cooling, you can keep it a lot cooler and push it harder. All those tests are without any additional cooling.