Efoil build using drill gearbox


Hello mp105
I do not understand your editing on your file attached, I do not see the gears for the reduction, can you explain me, thank you


I didn’t draw the gear details as you don’t need them. You just need the ring gear and bushing and bearing sizes to be able to machine a housing that’s why they are not there.


hello mp105
Do you have more photos of your equipment on the Metabo gearbox in detail?


Hi there don’t have many photos but Kaalepson design is similar to mine. I have attached a photo of my gearbox body. This bolts to the motor and the ring gear for the gearbox is a press fit into the machined bore on the other end. The gear box is driven by an adapter which is in the fusion files which has an 8mm bore for motor shaft and 3 holes on a 20mm PCD which the drive gear presses onto.


Up on the foil for the first time. Still a few niggly issues but looks promising.
Video here if interested.


Do you have any new updates of your build ? Have you been successfully riding your build ?


Been successfully riding it had around 3hrs ride time so far. Main problems have been keeping water out of the electronics. Just stripped the motor pod down and gearbox still looks good. Had small amount of water which was causing the motor to cut out leaking through the printed foil clamp.


360 video foiling