Efoil blank board

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This is the first time here in the forum. First, thank you so much for your collaborations, CAD files and lots of information.

I am planning to begin with my own build and I have contacted to several alibaba suppliers in order to try to get a blank efoil board.

I have an answer of these guys: Shenzhen Top Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. (


Prices are 660 USD for the board (without foil and electronics) plus 260 USD for the shipping,

Do you have some experience with his supplier / kind of suppliers?

Any advice? What do you think about this option?

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Any spec details about weight or volume?

Hi Matt, dimensions according to supplier datasheet are 167,5 x 64 x 11 cm (around 120 litters according to my calculations). Battery box is 43 x 50 x 9 cm

PVC core, two layers of fiberglass, the last one carbon fiber,


It appears they are building boards for NeptunX efoils (I think they have changed their name though now) https://www.instagram.com/efoilfly/?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=124h4nndvxhdh.
Price is not too bad… I can’t comment on quality though.

Can you share their contact? I would like give it a shot

Just had a long chat with them he is not able to provide tue lid picture, he wants full payment initially and 25 days of lead time

Mmm not a good deal with these conditions,

I think I will go with another option, maybe modifying an old sup / windsurf board…

Thanks for sharing,

One of the interesting info is about weight which demonstrates the real quality of waterproof hatch integration.

I just submitted an order with them for one sample board shipped to California, They told me 30 days lead time and promised good quality fingers crossed !!

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