eFoil Battery Packs


just be sure to eliminate any sharp points that a puffed cell can puncture itself on. Its still best to have a bit of foam around the cell to allow for expansion




I discovered the swelling after not touching them for 6 weeks and they were about half full.
Maybe at some point they have been a little wet, not much.


I got this offer, I ordered 35AH with Sanyo cells, some should be possiible to get with 100A BMS almost the same price… Conact: Nancy Zheng Email: sales03@herculesi.com

Address: 902, Longhua subdistrict office Huayun Road, Hefa Touzi Building,
Longhua Distric, Shenzhen, China 518110
Web: www.herculesi.com Tel: 0086-755-23739502 Fax: 0086-755-86327276
Conact: Nancy Zheng Email: sales03@herculesi.com
To: Feb. 25th, 2018
The price we quoted is on DDP price bases and our offer will be valid until March. 25th, 2018.
Lithium Battery Cell Combination Door to door Price
(with shipping cost)
48V 26.1A
Panasonic NCR18650PF 2900mah Total USD 704.50 (by PayPal)
48V 27Ah Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mah Total USD 799.00 (by PayPal)
48V 31.5Ah Sanyo NCR18650GA 3500mah Total USD 879.50 (by PayPal)
48V 31.5Ah LG INR18650-MJ1 3500mah Total USD 810.00 (by PayPal)
Spot welded with pure nickel strips
80 Amp max continuous balancing function built-in BMS
=/>150 Amp peak discharge current
Discharge connector: Anderson
Battery size: 18026070 mm
Battery weight: about 6 kgs
Accessory: 54.6V 2A charger
48V 35Ah
Sanyo NCR18650GA 3500mah Total USD 982.50 (by PayPal)
48V 35Ah LG INR18650-MJ1 3500mah Total USD 908.00 (by PayPal)
Spot welded with pure nickel strips
80 Amp max continuous balancing function built-in BMS

150 Amp peak discharge current
Discharge connector: Anderson
Battery size: 20026070 mm
Battery weight: about 6.5 kgs
Accessory: 54.6V 5A charger


where is shipping too?


It is for Europe (Sweden)


Is anyone on here making custom battery packs or know of a good supplier (with good price of course)? Or is it still best to get the cheap multistar lipos from hobbywing?


Has anyone tried the low profile Alien Power Systems battery?
Alien 10S 22000mah 30C Lipo Battery FLAT
Seems like it should have enough power


Wow, that is not cheap! :wink: I’m going to make my own 18650 cell unit to avoid those high prices from laptop batteries. Yes, I know they wont all have the same capacity and what not and it can be unsafe but ill see how it goes


In parallel, i would(nt) connect 2 batteries with different capacity since they will share the load and will have almost same voltage (keeping them disconnected during storage) but in series… Some cells will be overcharged/undercharged, difference in capacity will have some variations in voltage too which leads to natural balancing, passive discharge between the cells… Doesnt sound good at all. Increased cell wear too. Am i wrong possibly?


How to you check the capacity of a cell?


This will explain way better than my english mambo jumbo.


Thank you! That’s actually very helpful. I guess I should go out and buy a lot of the same cells then


These may look good, but with Hobby King, I have found that the C-rating isn’t always what is specified. Still, if you can get 5C out of them, that means 110A. Maybe it’s enough?


check out headway 38120 HP cells. cheap and probably the most powerful cells on the market in regards to size and price


I read lots of reports on voltage sag near max discharge with Headways in the past. Read carefully reviews and discharge tests on newer models which are hopefully better. (i got no experience with them)


Can someone tell me the minimum voltage per cell batteries that can go down during use, thank you in advance


Most cell after 3,3-3,2v will drop fast


tank you for information


What about using 4 of these packs:


It would give 12s8p with 17.6 Ah, not huge but maybe good for the price? Its said to use Samsung or LG cells.
Would be 480$.