eFoil Battery Packs


hi, yea i hear you, im on a similar route, 18650s would be nice, and just to balance on a rc charger, was thinking 12s and 10 parallel banks of 3000mah cells, think it works out around 1.5kwh, but with the 20,000mah multerstars 6s packs, its ready to go,more time to think about the rest of the build, but the voltage range is tighter than the 18650s as in the cutoff point, it all adds up fairly quick in the cash side of things, but hey its so worth it :wink:


Maybe we could make a mass order of 18650 batteries for all Forum members?


That would be nice. Have to be the best cells:)


Hello Guys,

a mass order would be nice for the forum members, I am interested too.

a 14S12P pack with a bms like this

would be the best.

Maybe a stronger bms like the one Hiorth show us for the amps pike on the start .

With the LG 18650 with 10 amps pike by cell and 12 cells in parrallel = 120 amps !!

but the 18650 are well, while discharge rate is about 2 c --> 7 amps by cells

I was thinking of making one pack (14S12p ) with vruzend kit ( no solder required ) , but the cells woul not be stack as close as possible, and making a good ip67 enclosure is hard to well built.

I was looking for a ip 67 connector for the charge plug , if water shorten the 2 contactors, The BMS will be in fire very quickly, it is very dangerous if not taking care about this .

a connector like this would be fine : https://www.ebay.com/p/5-Kits-2-Pin-Way-Car-Waterproof-Seal-Electrical-Connector-Plug-Wire-AWG-Marine/1284333133?iid=201586896527

one piece with the 2 cable cut and replace with silicone to make a plug .

see you


I’m stoked my 6S 24Ah 60C Lipo’s arrived yesterday. I purchased them on Alibaba from Yabo - Shenzhen Yabopower Technology, www.yabopower.com. Quick delivery time once they were manufactured, Tina Wang was my contact - very happy with service. Also got 5 fire proof storage bags for $5 each.


Just a small contribution about fuses and fuse box : Osculati (multi language)

You will also find water pumps, wires, waterproof things and many things that could help.
It is a catalog of 1000 pages…


How much did you pay the pack ?


Hobie17 paid $227USD per pack plus $127USD for delivery (see above post on 25/10/17) Cheers


Looks great Foiledagain!
Can you tell us the total length, width, height, and weight? of that battery pack please.
$350 USD for Ion batteries and the product for assembling the battery pack?
I really wanna get away fro Lipo’s…


Hey Vefoil. Length is 308mm, width 110mm, height 88mm. Each cell is 22mmx22mm so its easy to work out. Weight including Luna cycle solid state relay switch and printed case is 4.75kg. I decided not to use a BMS in favour of a balance charger. The assembly kit is made by Vruzend, each kit containing enough pieces for 50 batteries.

Hope this helps. I haven’t tried mine in anger yet as I wanted to get the electronics done before I get carried away with the fun stuff!


18650 LGMJ1 3.5A purchased from : -

King zhu
Sales Director
Shenzhen Honghaosheng Electronics Co.,Ltd.
P: +(86) 755 28237685 M: +86 13027991442
F: +( 86) 755 28016834 Skype: honghaosheng02
W: www.sz-battery.com E: sales02@hhs-battery.com


Thank you very much.

Im looking for a company to make ion battery packs for 12S ready to go… looks like this SZ-battery.com does this - fantastic!

I’m not sure where you are using that remote on/off switch, but that is like the Flier power switch, its only good for 120A spikes I think not continuous current. Another guy tried the 300A version and it still melted down in 5 minutes. Not worth risking ESC/ motor/battery pack with that switch. Better to use a large 7-8mm antispark bullet connector think.


hey vefoil!

i am also looking at getting a similar pack! ready to go 18650 to suit a4500watt-7000watt motor is quite hard to get . please let me know if you find anything at a reasonable price . also a bms and charger would also be great. ill let you know if i find anything.

cheers David.


Hey VeFoil

Thanks for the heads up ref switch. Too good to be true for that price I guess! Back to the soldering iron, again!


I am sourcing a few factories including SZ-Battery.com to custom build us 12S Ion battery packs with heavy gauge wiring, BMS etc… The goal is to create a supplier for these so everyone can benefit and buy safer battery systems VS the more dangerous and volatile Lipo packs :slight_smile:

Im in the same boat as you, needing a battery pack that can supply 7000W when needed, so lets definately team up on fiding a solution!

I’m still looking for a high-quality waterproof battery box and until I have a quality one that is low profile and will fit all the batteries, I cant order custom pack sizes/configurations yet. If anyone has a solid line on IP67 or IP69 compartments… let me know please.

IP rating chart:


Hey yeah I’ll keep searching for a suitable battery, for now I have 2 small 6s lipos for testing and to get data! I intend to buy a battery that will suit my needs once I know all the data !

I see you are going too be selling your own brand of motors. What’s your idea in price? And will they require a gearbox? What size prop?

Cheers and best of luck , David.


Great, thanks for helping search for ION battery pack!

The motors are inrunners for direct drive prop/impeller setups 56mm - 110mm diameter. If you are using a reduction gear, you don’t need a motor with more torque, that’s what the reduction gear provides for you along with lower RPM. The only perks if you are using a reduction gear would be the all Stainless steel, aluminum construction, and ceramic high-speed bearings. Also, custom diameter shells to fit inside aluminum tubing with less play to provide better heat transfer/cooling. Motors should be $225 USD


ill keep in touch, maybe we could work out a solution that benefits both teams. we are currently looking at a rotational molded board.

cheers, David.


Let me know if either of you two need CAD help. I am a product design enginer from Germany.

Here is my current Design. Everything you see there will be laminated over with 3 layers of fibreglass. I made this one fit on my CNC. If I had more space I would make it bigger and less high.


FYI, I talked with local makers group who know electronics well, they said there are new ion batteries out for marine that are or could be waterpoof right out of the box… I found a couple companies but they are all 75lb batteries for large boarts… but there must be someone making smaller ones. Lets all keep looking and share… ion is safer, we can travel with them, and waterproof batteries is just awesome!


@VeFoil .

I would guess the batteries your friend is talking about are 18650 lithium ion cells or similar cells packed in a container that is waterproof. There are many offering these types of batteries as replacement for old lead batteries in sailboats or similar. But I would guess they do not have sufficient discharge ratings for our use, they are probably limited by an internal BMS.

But much safer than rc-lipos for sure.