E Longboard VS Efoil

I’ve been doing some reading and really trying to understand the technology and the work at hand in building your own Efoil.

I see these kits for electric longboards and you can have really good working board for about $500.

Without including the cost of the foil and the board. What makes an efoil so much more expensive then a electric longboard?

Everything is so much harder when you do it underwater. Having a solid board for an efoil is a challenge in itself vs a skateboard where you can get a Meepo for $400 with enclosures, battery, ESC, remote, and wheels/motors. eFoil motors require way more power, higher voltage batteries (barely). It’s just next level compared to skateboarding. I love both sports though!

Efoils dont carry momentum like a skateboard. Resistance through air vs water. Imagine using your eskate on a 20% grade all of the time. It wouldnt last very long. Kinda why efoils require more power, bigger batteries, electrics etc.
Love my Evolve GTR btw. Not sure I would trade it for my foil though.