E-Foil Rental idea, Help


Italy. They say rules are changed lately… a friend of mine, Coast Guard Captain, says that I could go easy and for them (Navy) I’m nothing more than a surfboard. The problem could arise when efoils will hit the market and some kook will do the mess…


exactly. Good call going early


My guess is that e-foils will be put in the same category as a boat/jetski. It should be banned on crowded beaches as it’s super dangerous for swimmers/surfers etc. With 20-30 kg mass the board it self carries way more momentum than sup/kite/surf foil boards.


Here in cro, they look at lenght of the craft and power its using. We got stopped too with electric miniboat (around 1 meter size), we said it was using around 500W (was over 2kW xD) he said its ok if its that little power just stay out of the beaches. He was more worried about remote control actually. Just mention very small power usage since it is foil and it is supper efficient and they know nothing about it. Shouldnt give u trouble if ure not a jerk in crowded places.


In Germany up to 15hp is license free on the ocean. Inland lakes have different rules but I think up to 6hp is ok.


50cc/3Hp(or kW not sure) and 299cm max lenght is free of registration (2-4ppl max, depends on boat), but u must have basic licence, the basic class, idk how to translate it. “regular Joe” can drive that minicraft without a licence which get dragged behind yachts, but only close to docking of the original yacht/bigger boat aka ship to land transportation and is 1.5 hp limited i think.


Don’t do it to the wing and I don’t think anyone can ride for 4 hours standing. Easy to learn hydrofoil towing first at low speed.


E-foil rental idea is a very bad idea to me. Some of your customers WILL get hurt, and your insurance premium will sky-rocket and kill your profits before you even reach the second season.

By then efoils prices will have halve, and you will lose lots of money.

foil-less jetsurfs, maybe e-jetsurfs seems to me like a way better idea, that is for a rental business.

If you still want to do it, you may at least use less performing but safe wooden foils