DougM's Puget Sound Build


They say the Devil is in the details, and I must admit there’s a devil-ishly lot of detail work to be done.

My battery box setup needs some re-thinking because I can’t make enough space near a wall of the box to put in all the connectors.

I broke a tap in the copper pieces that I was going to use for the battery spot welder arms and nothing - Nothing - sucks the fun out of a project like tap bits in the work. Shy of EDM you can’t get them out and have to start all over. I did get the Malectric’s kit ordered. I couldn’t get it shipped to my friend’s house in Germany because then I’d have to pay taxes - so I had to get it shipped here. Who knows how long that’s going to take.

My driver box is all but complete except I got the wrong size gland fittings and my new ones were supposed to come in today but because of the snow nothing is moving.

I need to order a selection of adhesive shrink tube.

Before completing the drive unit I needed to take apart the motor and epoxy it, but I had a devil of a time getting the screws out until I finally just broke down and attacked the thing with my MAP gas torch. Then I couldn’t get the driveshaft out shy of banging on it with a big hammer, so whether the bearings survived is to be seen.

I gooped the heck out of these things with epoxy - I still need to address the rotor leads, but the rest is a big mess that won’t cure because the shop is too cold.

My new mast came in, though. It is indeed longer than the old mast.

The box for the display came in, so I am going to spend the rest of the day today wrapping that up. One thing I didn’t realize about fishing tackle boxes is they are hinged and open on both sides, with a plastic plate in the middle. I’ll need to remove parts of that plate to install all the bits. And that definitely doubles the possibility of leakage.

Lastly my leash came in - it’s really nice.


You sound like you have your hands full! Hang in there! I’m about to get some work done on my project and I know it will be tedious too haha!!


I hear your getting dumped on with snow right now. Winter storm. So lock yourself in the garage and play.


That’s exactly what I’ve been doing - hunkered down in the shop. Haven’t had any actual human contact for like 4 days now…