Does anybody have experience with low speed/power foiling props, ducts and motors?


I am looking for for a low speed/power prop and duct propulsion system. The prop should be made for slow speed and power 500 wats would be best up to 1000. Something like a human-powered prop like or

Does anybody have a 3D drawing? I need some help and can’t work in CAD etc. and don’t know how to print or CNC it too. You help will be rewarded.

Any advice on a low-speed low watt motor drive and duct is very welcome too.


We can discuss that we come from China and have our own CNC machining workshop, brushless motor production and manufacturing workshop, as well as our own engineering team


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Brushless internal rotor motor, outer diameter 58MM, length 135MM, with 1:4 gear ratio, auxiliary power 8.5n.M, the rotation speed is below 6000RPM and 4000w, and the battery pack of 12S is controlled with a weight of 2.2KG. The price of such a system is about $800.


Hi Chris, please show the propeller that will be suitable for the offered engine and for Bas. Thanks