Do we really need to go over 10mph/16kph


Hello, I’ve been Foiling for some years now mainly in the surf and have been a huge fan of all of this. Cheers to the progression.

In my day to day foil surfing (waves depending) it has been favored to go at least 10mph (on the larger wings 2000sqcm/500) if the waves are small and when it’s flat pump foiling is only so fun for so long. Wether it be dock starts or running pulls. So this is ultimate for me to imagine being on a motored foil. If only we can easily foil everyday. That’s priceless, shhhh don’t tell anyone, jk. Seriously though I’m wondering if we can do a minimal build and have a better flight experience if we are more engaged in our riding. As in pumping and having flow trying to ride full mast efficiently and having the help of a motor to just sustain it longer than the pump foil videos you have seen. On a side note I am shooting for some major hp on one of these epic rigs. Who knows maybe I will just make my own like I first started doing in 2007 making paddles then boards and now foils.

Just returning from a foil trip throughout Oregon left us in awe having a blast teaching some of the friends family how to foil behind a dinky 14’ aluminum with a 6hp 2-stroke. It was action at even 7mph on our foils. Top speed with a whip was 12mph that day. I would like to have a kit to tow a foiler with, it would require low end torque and only need to peak at say 14mph. Does that setup exist?


At my homespot, a river in germany, is the allowed top speed 18 km/h. So I am too on the search for a slow but stable setup. At the moment, I use the slingshot windsurf foil FWind1, it starts foiling at about 10 knots. The new Infinity 76 and 84 wings are announced with foiling starting at 7 and 8 knots, about 9 mph.
My tests will take some time, first I have to build a board to replace the windsurf foilboard that is used at the moment. When done, at the end will be a very slow solution, I hope.


I love the sound of that. The new wing we have been working on with Starboard called Ocean Surf will come out in a couple months and that will foil 80 kilos at 12-13km/h. Best to get it aluminum for its rigid stability with carbon wings. The Starboard Foils are fully interchangeable and have adjustable angle of attack which is a must have.


So a swappable main foil, or a very adjustable one? I think I would I love to speed around 20km/h, or I’m mistaken? I have yet to step on an efoil<:P


The best for riding slow is a delta outline, best compromise for easy handling at different speeds, and a thick profile for generating low speed with easy handling. The size depends on the weight of the rider.


i undestand the need for speed snd slow.
if you havent carved a foil on a 750 mast at 45km/h and crsshed
you havent lived