DIY Waterproof remote


Hi Clarin,
your post is one year old, is it still your interest to find a sensor for the height of the board relative to the water surface? I have an idea how one can solve this problem very smooth and cheap! I’m a beginner with efoil building, but as an electronic engineer I plan to integrate such a sensor in my efoil and let the controller board regulate the flying height.
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@Skysurfer I am glad to see other EE engineers around. I have been working on a auto pilot kind of controller for efoil with resistive water depth sensor from adafruit. Eventually the goal is to have a controller can do cruise type of ride mode, throttle curve and lots of other stuff. It might be possible add some control surfaces on the wings for assisted ride


I just wanted to follow up and let you know this fixed ALL the problems with the remote. I removed the ACK and speed up to 2MBPS. Its unbelievable the change. The remote is super responsive now, great modulation and NO delays. Thank you so much for the tips!!


Are these available? I would like one and furthermore we can perhaps adapt this into a paddle shaft?!


Is this tube off the shelf? Or designed your self?


Is this tube/housing off the shelf or designed your self?