DIY Waterproof remote


Hmm… interesting. I Will try in any case. If it will not work good - i can use reed switch like Alexander did.

UPD: Nope, it did not work. water (especially salt water) initiate the press without actual finger press.


Hi Hiorth

I believe you are using the Seeking 130. I’m working on the remote. Using a hall effect and rf boards. Everything is working except that when I turn the remote off, the motor goes to max rpm. Of course I want just the opposite to happen. Do you know what I’m doing wrong? Is there some type of signal or adjustment I need to make?
I know this ESC has a safety shut off. It just seems like whatever I’m doing I’m doing opposite. ha


Are you using an Arduino? If so, you have to set a counter which set the esc value to zero after a given time (timeout). Eg: 1500millis (1.5 sec). Too short could cause problems of transmission steadyness.
To see an example, check many posts above, I put a link to my Arduinos. Throttle remain the last set for 1.5sec and then drop to zero


Same as in post #222 of this thread.
Works on the concept : if transmission available, do your own process and write to esc, set counter to zero
else if last received data not available start counting and when over the timeout, set esc to zero.
This is for NRF24I but you can adapt it to bluetooth or others.


ah ok, thanks! Yes, using arduino. Very similar to yours. I guess I was just wondering if I had a setting wrong on the ESC. Seems odd that the motor would max out when the transmitter was switched off…I would think it would turn off by default. But I guess that’s why everyone is adding this code. Ok, I’ll do that.


Hello all

I’m new to the electric-hydrofoil community, but I’ve been working on electric surfboards for a long time. I would like to show you my final solution for a waterproof remote.

My remote uses a modified Bafang thumb throttle and custom made electronics to process and send/receive the signals. I decided to go with LoRa (868/ 433 MHz) transceiver modules instead of the usual 2.4 GHz modules. The reason for this is that LoRa has been proven to be much more reliable and has very good water penetration capabilities (tested up to 1.2 m under water).

The microcontrollers are equipped with the Adafruit feather 32u4 bootloader and work with Arduino. A Kalman filter as well as adjustable acceleration and deceleration times enhance the pleasure of riding and protect the gears from power transients. The fail-safe mechanism kicks in if the transmitter signal is lost or if an optional magnetic leash working with a reed sensor is disconnected. Optional sensors (GPS/current sensor) can be connected via UART/I2C.

If anyone is interested in more information or would like to have one, please let me know.


Hi, are you also selling sets?


Looks great, congrats on an interesting design.

Cost/shipping to Australia?


Looks great, I’m in. Let me know how to order. Can you ship to Hong Kong?


Looks great. What do they cost?


@VeFoil remote looks awesome. you selling these yet?


Welcome welcome welcome!!! I posted you surfboard build just a few days ago for some who were debating components you had used in it. It’s great to see a few more pics of the remote.
I am very interested in building one!

Are you more interested to sell remotes or would you be prepared to share components and knowledge?


We plan to go into production with mold injection for the remote etc… in about 30-45 days if all goes as planned for all our efoil parts: Jet drive, waterproof remote, and board.


Thanks for your interest. I do not intended to sell my remote on a large scale, but I’ll start producing a small batch of plug and play sets for my friends in mid august and I thought if I had more customers I could sell them cheaper. The price is currently 195 USD and I hope I can push it down by this way. If you are still interested, send me a pm.

I plan to share all information and knowledge during the finalization of my complete system. I did actually not only develop a remote, but a complete plug-and-play electronic system, which includes everything necessary and more.

This includes for example:

  • On/Off switch
  • Mosfet based circuit breaker with capacitor precharge
  • Magnetic attached electronic safety line (safety first)
  • Protected charging port (no shorts from water etc.)
  • Protected controller for external LEDs (I can only recommend :sunglasses:)
  • IMU/ GPS (maybe interesting/useful for foils ?)
  • Current/ voltage/ temperature sensors
  • Bluetooth with app for iPhone (a must have today)
  • etc.

And of course, it’s fully compatible with my remote control, electronics and Arduino software.

I am currently working on adapting this system, which I have been testing successfully for a year on the surfboard, for the efoil. (For example, it was designed to sustain 250 amp of continuous current to accelerate the esurfboard to over 55 km/h, which I think would be unnecessary and only expensive for the efoil). For this project I could need your experiences with efoils. I’ll start a new topic about this project very soon. (Sorry for being off-topic)


@Xlab Your product is superb ! I think I’ve recognised it. Would you be part of that team ?


Is there any problem for your speed controller?


Is the Bafang thumb throttle completely waterproof? What did you modify about it?


Thanks ! Yes I’m part of that team. This is an old video of the first prototype, though.


There is a hall sensor inside the Bafang thumb throttle. On most of the units, the contacts are only insulated with heat-shrink tubing. If the water is conductive enough, I’m afraid this could influence the analog output signal (wrong throttle readings). I therefore cover the contacts and cables with epoxy resin.


looks hho. pls post when new info is ok. thanx!!