DIY lid for the electronics

A lid is good to keep your electronics safe. But it is also a pain since you have to turn on the board before you close the lid.

I invested in a small 433mhz remote which I connected to my anti spark circuit. I can now connect everything and close the lid and not activate the board before it’s in the water.

The 433mhz receiver runs on 3-24v, I used a very old power bank that makes 5V out of 1,5V.

The receiver has a relay that is normally open. I bought it on AliExpress.

Makes life easier.


This is the backup:


Pretty cool. That remote is waterproof too? Have a link?

I am thinking of making a killswitch on the batteries.
So that when i connect the switch it ll get insta power. But need to test this idea first.


An update on the lid seal. I removed the crown seal, I did not sit well in the corners, and replaced it with a seal made from a 2mm rubber foam sheet.

Works well and won’t lose its shape over time.

You can get the rubber foam from


My buddy did make “music box” (or whats the name) electronics, amplifier, separate battery and all that bullcrap in a big old portable beach refridgerator. For sealing he used that rubber that goes around the car door, trunk. Storm did kinda break his boat, was hitting the beach for maybe half an hour/hour filled with water. Electronics were dry inside, speakers ofc broken from the outside. He is a mechanic so he had that rubber for free probably, not sure whats the pricing on it. Just an idea if some1 has any material bellow the table and willing to try.

NICE seal! Amazing placement of electronics too :slight_smile: Still tryna’ figure out how that water cooling system works :wink: