DIY lid for the electronics


Big day tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!!


Fingers crossed! Meaning ‘wish you success’.


I will make an similar lid on my board. But will use plastic as cover so i can see through.
I hope that the 3mm rubber seal will be enough. I also did an overkill with screws. Better safe than sorry :slight_smile:





Good effort mate! Must be rewarding.

What prop/duct are you using?



Are you placing nuts is the 3D print? Make sure you fix them so they don’t turn them tightening the bolt.

Before mounting the box in the board, make sure to coat is using epoxy. I would use a brush and “paint” it on the outside and inside to make sure it’s water proof.


I will make the box out of aluminium on a CNC machine so that the tolerance will be ±0.1mm and it should seal perfectly. The cover will be plastic.


Ok! Then you are good. Just remember put fuses and covers on a wires/soldering point. Alu is a good conductor :slight_smile:


Will do. Thx for the tip.


that will be “heavy duty”, how thick will the walls and bottom be?


Congrats ! What is you feedback about the Gong HF with respect to the Nobile (?) you had before ? Takeoff speed, stability, does a thick front wing (FW) profile mean speed saturation ? Could you measure the thickness to chord ratio of your FW ?


The Gong (65cm mast Medium wing) is much easier to ride. Lifts earlier, more stabile, easy to turn. I havent tested high speed yet.


please let me know the top speed of the M wing, when you have tested it…

I have the L wing and as top speed is about 20kmh, I’m thinking about getting the M, to be a bit faster…

And its really stable. I never foiled before and was able to do so on the first try.


The M is about the same size as the takuma v100 , i found it stable and fun , top speed 32-35km/h but past 30 the Amps get high ( on 40mm motor…)
I wanted to go down bit , try a kite wing but it is a big stretch from 1200 to 800, or may be the RL board efoil wing …


The wall thickness is 15mm. screws are M6.
The weight shouldnt be more than 4kg based on my calculations.


Hi talked to kuntze who sell the seal and they can ship world wide. Just email them and they will help you out.


Made a 15 minute run today, couldn’t go longer because my hands were freezing.

Took some pictures with the flir after the run and everything is holding up fine. Ubec hade the highest temp, 22 degrees C. Seaking 19 degrees C.

Really impressed by the Kia Soul cells. Only 13 degrees after 15 minutes of riding.


For reference:


Do you water cool the Esc?



In the heat-cam pic you see the heat from the pump in the upper left corner.