DIY Electric Hydrofoil Belt Drive Fail


Pacificmeister, I have watched your Youtube videos Part 18 & 19 many times.Have you ever determined the exact cause of the belt failure? Just from watching the videos it seems that the tension on the belt is pulling the two pulley shafts together (very slightly) but enough to allow the cogged pulleys to not be in firm contact with the cogged belt and they chew it up. I would really like to try and beef up the shafts and bushing to make a belt drive system work. Any chance you would share the Fusion 360 files used to create the belt system housing


@Wade I just looked at @pacificmeister open source Fusion 360 project and it includes the belt assembly under the “Ideas” folder. See if you can open it, if you have trouble let me know.


@Wade happy to share what I have and would be great if you can make it happen. The belt never lasted long with my tests, probably misalignment and tension issues. @tylerclark I don’t think the model in the idea folder is the one, I will share when I am back from snowkiting trip.


Thank you. That would be great!


Where is the ideas folder?


Pacificmeister, can you re-share the belt assembly F360 files? I never received them. Thanks.


Hi @Wade, for sure! Here is the Fusion model: Would be cool if you can push this further and make it work somehow. I have a feeling you need to rethink this design a bit but hopefully this helps to get started. Keep us posted how it goes.

These are the pulleys I used:

I think the belt was 30 teeth, can’t find it in my Amazon history, I might have gotten it from McMaster.

It uses the same duckt and prop as my other designs
Good luck!