Diggis efoil build summer 2020

Hi! Ive read a lot on this forum and I enjoy many of the threads here. This summer i have decided to give it a try! My main question is regarding the motor and what approatch I shoud take.

These are some of my planned components and I would greatly appreciate all input!
200A VESC from Flipsky

Foil and mast::

Custom made based on Hiorth and YAHEF using the ESP 32
-Gear drive Neugart gearbox + SSS motor?
-Sealed outrunner ?
-Maytech inrunner Ø65 ?
-Maytech inrunner Ø85?
-Other alternatives???

I am leaning towards a sealed inrunner direct drive. I belive using a inrunner motor with diameter of Ø70-80mm would be perfect for this project? Maybe the Maytech Ø85 is a alternative? Im just unsure if its overpriced?