Dewalt Flexvolt?

Anyone pursuing Dewalt batteries as a power source? Specifically the Flexvolt - 20/60V?

They have a 20v/12ah version (60v / 4ah). Maybe 60V to get up and then switch to 20V for flying. (if that is even possible)

Just a crazy thought.

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If it can push out amount of amps u need, why not :slight_smile:

I am getting ready to start on my power supply and have also been wondering about an alternative battery supply. The EGO 56V powers a lawn mower for 45 minutes, I am educating myself on the whole build as I go. I am not trying to reinvent the wheel, and have been going with the Pacificicmeister build.

Good question for the experts. What happens to the ESC and Motor if we switch the supply voltage mid Flite?

I’m not no pro but I’m pretty sure you’ll have a huge drop in power and you might have a slight shut off and the esc might power down and have to restart. But it is a good idea if it works worth trying. If you do it show how you did it.

Not practical IMO to have massive voltage supply variations. While it would be possible to do and i have done it on a 36 v pb scooter with a switch that engaged a 10s 42v lipo for speed boost. The big issue is the KV of the motor / prop needs to be well matched to the battery voltage to have good all round efficient setup.

Intersting idea though.

When you did it on your scooter, was it the same ESC? This is getting more plausible…
Efficiency is what it is all about, what is the critical “practical” issue?
If experts can pump up to foil, we should be able to survive a “gear” shift.

ESC stays cooler because it is close to full throttle most of the time… right?

Yer same ESC, i just used a mechanical switch that was plugged into the 2 different batteries / 36v PB and a 10S lipo and it worked perfectly.

BUT it was a standard DC ( not brush-less ) ESC and had very little programming or safety features to get in the way and it was happy to accept the voltage differences. The PB cells got me to 38 km and the lipo with the added amp delivery and higher voltage retention got me to 55 kmph.

Im sure you could do it with an ESC that has programmable voltage selection but a voltage drop from 60v down to 20 volts is enormous and you would need to select your motor KV very carefully. .

Oh, the brushed vs brushless example makes me take a step back. My gut says a brushless ESC will shut down or worse. I’m not envisioning this battery, but the concept of reconfiguring our battery cells with a series of relays. The critical requirement IMO, is for the ESC to handle a change in supply voltage under load.

You cannot switch voltage while flying , it is already pretty hard to stay on the board with a constant rpm at first

In my option the only interesting thing to try is two battery pack , a small one high discharge rate for take off and a larger low discharge ( cheaper) for flying
But at the end , high speed demands the same amp as take off …

Or may be a bank of capacitors that you charge when stopped or not at full power and use only when taking of for to short speed increase…
That can allow you to run batteries cooler and with lower max amp capacity…
I have no idea of the amount of energy you can store in capacitor of reasonable price/size though…

Option B is to run it at 60v full time and put 4 batteries in with a parallel setup. Would have 16ah at 16s. Granted it would cost around $1000, but you could also run your tools with it when not riding and get access to their warranty on the batteries.

They also have a four battery charger.