Custom Direct drive motor


Tp 5690 same size and power as the tp 5870 just 2mm on the outside case


You are correct, I see they used a finned can which made it 2mm wider. I wonder why he didn’t just use the 56mm version then…


56 for boat with water Jack , 58 for car for air cooling, i guess

For direct drive : 290kv , 12s with a very low pitch propeller around 110mm diameter ?
Work with less than 3,5N ?

Anyway it is bigger than a SSS


Thank you I was about to ask for the exact model number or similar. Much appreciated.


Hey pacificmeister
could you test this 200kv motor direct drive? what are your impressions… Where did you get it?


I tested it in the tank and my first impression was that it is a bit small and it would be a big prop/wing/… tuning challenge to get it working in direct drive and get me flying with my 180pts/80kg.



Looking at the two pictures from Instagram it looks like there’s a big difference in prop diameter. What would your guess be? For efficiency we would like to have larger blades with lower pitch as I see it.


With 12s 15Ah he’s getting around 25min with the direct drive prop. From what I can work out, i think the prop is 120mm.


Sounds to good to be true! Do we know the trust needed to get up and foil (75kg rider)? I need to do some tests measuring amps and thrust. The prop needs to dimensioned so that the motor is able to reach max rpm for the given battery pack.


That is not too bad so he is riding with about 1700 if I calculate right…


Hi! I’m preparing tests for a 100KV direct drive. Can you guesstimate the diameter and pitch of the 2 blade you used for the test?

Thank you!


He says 1.5 mins per 1 Ah, i would guess 40ish amps. 1st pic 90ish mm, 2nd i rly cant measure, perspective horrible :slight_smile:


What about this motor? Anyone tried it?


No one has tried it yet. Will be interesting to see if it works.


Vefoils friend bought it, lets see how it goes :smiley:

Just short question. What i understand in the most simplified way, torque is directly related to Ampers and rpm to Volts. So, this motor would produce claimed 7.2Nm @80A regardless of picked voltage?