Custom Boards & Mast Mounts


Surfcowbay, cheers for the feedback.
I installed the foil mount , with a layer of fiber glass etc, I got some epoxy resin from seabase in uk which they use to install fin boxes and foil mounts etc.
I mixed the epoxy as per instructions 2 to 1 added glass bubbles etc and installed the box. There was a bit of heat and when i cut out the holes in top surface for batteries etc i noticed that it had melted all the surrounding foam around the High density foil mount.
My concern now is how i going to complete the board build without melting rest of board?


Epoxy generates heat when it cures. You can fill up the missing foam with more epoxy mixed with glass bubbles. You can use a slow hardening epoxy. They never get hot. I use West Systems epoxy with the slow and the fast hardener. I only use the fast hardener in thin films and not where it would be insulated.


@tunnelvision Are the fin boxes strong enough for the torque of our foil setups? I guess it depends on what foam it is mounted in and how well its done?
I’m planning on using 2 long fin boxes in by hacked old windsurf board. I’m not sure it will be strong enough though. Is the foam used in these older boards strong enough to mount these?


I put two 1/4 plywood stringers on either side of the fin boxes to take the torque. My board is built just like a windsurfing board. High density polystyrene wrapped with 3mm divinycell. It’s more than strong enough.



Thanks for the info. As I have basically no glassing experience I might have to go the through bolt option unless I can find some videos/guides on the net. Do the plywood stringers sit right next to, i.e touching the fin box?


lots of videos on the net. very simple process. the fin box should be epoxied to the plywood stringers to transfer the load, otherwise it serves no purpose at all.



Has anyone tried or conceptualized using a GoFoil-like single tuttle box? More specifically, how to route the motor wires?

Have any details been shared for a GoFoil mast cross-section?


Hey, Future fin second generation US box 8 in are perfect already did few boards with it. If small board between 110 to 130 mast rail starts between 20 to 27 cm from the back. Cheers


Here are some details on my carbon board shared on this thread: Proposed Build - Carbon


Every carbon mast that is not hollow face the same issue.
You can follow this example:

Not very aesthetic but you can use double face scotch tape between mast and “skirt” to hold everything in place without impact on speed.