Custom Boards & Mast Mounts


The sticky foilmount seems quite sturdy…
What surprise me more is that the sufboard seems to hold too…
Even if they were not designed for it, it seems like the stringer make it strong enough to be used with a foil…


The carbon plate is 3-4 mm thick.


It might work just fine, I just dont like the feeling of taping my precious propulsion unit to my board. I also belive that the strain put on a efoil-foil is greater than the strain put on a kite/surf foil due to the weight of the efoil-board (and the pushing force from the motor). But again, might just be that I´m overkilling the mount.



Thanks @Hiorth I’m definitely going to follow your mounting system. I looked at the foilmount product too. There demonstrations are very impressive but at $269 AUD I thought it was a bit expensive for a $10 cutdown windsurfer board. I believe your mounting system idea is both cheap and strong. Thanks again for your help.


you do need to be carful that the board is up to the sticky mounts, I have seen a few sup’s that have delaminated from them


Yes that would be one of my concerns, thank you for Sharing.


3M VHB tape is the stuff to look at for applications like this. Spreading the load and tapering out the stresses would tax the underlying laminations the least.


Need to find a good way to open and close a waterproof lid. Does any one know the name of these? Taken form a YouTube clip of lift foils board.

The Lift E1 eFoil thread - info for the DIYer

It’s a boat latch, (looks cool)


thanks @Clarin !

will use those to secure next lid on efoil.

also how not to mount a foil, did a super stupid mistake with catastrophic results. Notice how the glue does not stick to the brown plywood. Forgot to scratch it up before gluing…


Resin coated plywood is very difficult to glue. Wood glue is good enough for wood to wood joints btw.


looks like form ply which is designed for things not to stick to! If any one is interested I could probably sort some sort of forum offer on the foil mount insets I do so at least you guys have a simple good solid reliable option.


I’m looking for the best solution to flush mount the batteries, ESC and electronics within the board. What hatch system or dry box setup is everyone using? It would be good to see a few ideas that others have come up with.


Hi looking for a bit of guidance
I looking to put a US box foil mount (hd foam) into my board. My board is soft foam like a surf board.

Wondering if anyone got suggestions the best way to do this, video maybe
Cheers for any feedback in advance


Sure. Video is here.



Thanks for the reply.
I am not using turtle box as i got a naish foil with the mast fitting using a 4 screw attachment into US foil mount box which has 2 x 10 inch tracks.


Longboard finboxes should work nicely. Cheep as chips!


I assuming that the 3 pins are the connectors for the motor, what you done in the board glued the mating connector in there?


That’s it. Plug and play. 1.5mm rubber seal between them. Little vasoline on the rubber before each use.


Morgansteven, I have a thread over on the standupzone that has a few pics of an install of one of those boxes. I’m also building my own foil.

If you don’t have experience with repairing or building surfboards it’s a pretty serious project for a first repair/build.

The basics are, measure, align everything as best you can, route out the hole to the depth of the cassette and fare the edges of the hole . Put a layer of glass under the cassette and let it overlap up onto the top on all sides. I used 4oz. Then I put a large carbon patch (6oz) over the top with a layer of 4 oz to sand. Grind the boxes like a regular glass in fin box install. YouTube has some videos on longboard fin box installs to show how that’s done.

If that explanation is not detailed enough you might want to get a surfboard ding repair person to help with your board. If you are going to give it a go, I’d spend some time in swaylocks forum.

I feel bad saying the same thing on this forum over and over, but composite construction can take a little time to figure out and mistakes are messy and cost a lot in materials. But like anything, if you want to learn to do it, you can. My only thought is that if you’re only building one board it’s probably good to get some help or hire it out so you don’t mess up a board and your cassette.

I’m struggling with the same thing on the 3D printing for one of these builds, I’m probably going to hire someone to make the parts as I can’t see making more than one motor assembly. I can’t justify the time to figure out all the intricacies of 3D printing for a single project.

If I do another board I’ll try to get a video of the install process. First I have to learn to ride a foil. Wish me luck.