CorrosionX as dielectric fluid?

Wild idea but as they say its dielectric, wonder would it work as a dielectric fluid? Mainly thinking about the ESC, that many have heat problems. Not using the condensation technique(like for the 3M stuff) but keeping the ESC in the fluid and possible adding cooling slings for water cooling cooling down the CorrosionX . Standard Water cooling for the ESC would remain. Maybe exploding if getting to hoot?

Still thinking about cooling ESC by keeping it in some dielectric fluid. Any other well known dielectric fluid/substance than can be easily purchased in reasonable qty( litre or so) within Europe? 3M have a product but that is super expensive…other options?

ATF fluid? If you look closely, you will see a fan inside as well. This is a Aquastar 240 ESC I used few years ago, in a modified 150cc scooter.

We make biodegradable, food grade dielectric coolants. I have cooled ESC,s and motors before!! I am about to start a build on an immersion cooled efoil. I would be happy to send you some used fluid or you can order some online. . We have one with added lubricant specifically for use in electric motors as well…

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