Cooling the ESC


I am surprised what kind of things companies try to patent. This really isn’t rocket science. I am glad no one patented wired connections.


That is funny :e-takuma… I like the way they image to fix the motor on the mast …


Its very common to cool via a fin field with water and or air. Also in water vehicles. Incredible, maybe a joke?


Another way to keep the ESC cool is to put it in front of the motor in the thruster pod. Today I finished bench testing the circular VESC6 for in-thruster operation, and I am looking for beta testers (you have to purchase one) if anyone is interested.


I’m down to test, but I’m thinking I need to have a bit of a build already. Hopefully soon, I am just getting started looking for the right motor for converting a RayVolt bike. RayVolt uses13 cells in a series to reach a nominal voltage of 48V. Peak voltage, at full charge is 54.6V with a capacity of 1100Wh.
It has a intelligent iRBS is linked to EIVA’s built-in gyroscope allowing the bike to detect the cycling environment. It then provides the necessary amount of regenerative brake according to the angle of the hill. {Perhaps I can integrate this into the system to smart assist.
Any thoughts on the battery and possible assist?
The bike also has a throttle.
I’m so amped.


Here is a good way to cool your esc if you make room for it. Aluminum heat sink IP67 case, ESC goes inside and you fill with transformer oil to suck the heat of our all electrical components and transfer it to the cooling fins on the case. I’m doing something like this with my efoil build food for thought.


Do you have the name of that case?


You can source them on alibaba or aliexpress like this:


We need bigger hammers, thats the right way. Which oil you are thinking about?


We are using this special transformer oil that is environmentally friendly



good seals are crucial, volume compensation by temperature change?


Just leave some air in there for some expansion, but the tube or motor does not get hot, not even warm really as the heat is transferred to the oil and then cooled instantly by the entire aluminum tube with the water current. Everything stays nice and lubed as well so bearings last a long time.


Are you using the oil in the motor pod as well?


Yes, we feel its the best way to keep every part of all electronics ESC/Motor lubed, cool, and protected from salt water. Water cooled heat sinks works OK but cooling using cooled oil is far superior in my opinion.


That oil should work for a sealed outrunner then too…


should but outrunners in liquid have a ton of drag in myopinion even if sealed


I prefer this stuff over Diala

I’ve used both. The EDM fluid is “green”, and much cleaner to work with. Both transfer heat well. Diala is nasty stuff to get out of clothes, etc… This edm is not oily at all. Its from your neck of the woods too(windsor,ont).


I would also recommend degassing this oil. It works so much better when you do.


how do you degas oil, please tell more and Ill look into that other oil, thanks!


this is one way(degassing chamber)