Cooling the ESC


in fact, the aluminum box around the plastic it’s just made for help, the main dissipation is on the water cooling, it is glued with heat-conductive paste on an aluminum plate


I’m using a peristaltic pump which is self-priming for cooling my ESC. It’s working without problems. The pump itself is really tiny.


My solution for the lipo cooling :
2 lipo (thickness 61mm, 210x185) into an Aluminium box , ( RS 420-2430 thickness 64mm, 250x190)
all integrated into the board with an second cover in aluminuim directely screwed on the board with Viton O ring.

it’s difficult to find an waterproof aluminuim box with this size.
The box fit perfectly in my board

box alu lipo RS 420-2430box alu rs 4202430


In the beginning of your build you were planing to use a" 63 GPH 4.2W Brushless Mgc Drive Water pump" to cool the ESC. For what reason did you abort this idea? Does the motor use too much battery power?


Nice box!
Been looking for one like that, what is the link please.


Nice. We use a very similar box for our esc. It handles a esc fire ,yes we had one due to a short




I’m new here. I’m fench living in New Caledonia and I work on my electric hydrofoil project after seen pacificmeister’s project. I only need more free time to go as fast as I would like
evidently, I inspired myself from him but I’ve redraw all parts with Fusion 360 and I read a lot od forums about hydrofoil.
One idea come up myself about ESC : why can’t we put ESC near the motor, in the aluminium tube ? Would there be an advantage to doing it?


Hey @lolocaledo. See this post: Pacificmeister Build Info and CAD Sources


Hey Guys,

Do you think that a more expensive ESC with enclosed aluminum heat sink casing could eliminate the need for water cooling, tubes and pump?


The water removes the heat from ESC and dumps it into the bay… with this you are just turning your ESC box into a sauna until something gives… I dont think air cooling is the solution.


Hi! Do you have a link of the pump you bought? Is it a brushless one? If yes how do you connect it to the battery?


It is not brushless but works very well and is self priming. I used an extra bec with the voltage set at 12vdc to power. Has good flow for such a small pump.


Silly question, but where is the intake/outlet for the water pump? On the mast next to the motor? Or is it a closed loop like a radiator?


@stim: where did you get the 12V BEC?


The same bec that pacificmeister has on his parts list has voltage selection. You can change from 5vdc to 8vdc or 12vdc by moving a jumper around.


This is a great BEC also, jumpers and goes up to 9v and its always in stock:


While I have to wait for my new ESC, I plan to upgrade my board by integrating the box(s) into the board and was wondering how are you all waterproofing the cables going out of the box? Are you able to remove them if the box is glued in the board?


We use a 3 shorts wires that goes out of the box. These have bullet connectors in each end and is fastened (through a carbon tube) with silicone. So we can remove all electronics except these three cables. We are waterproofing the outside connectors with tape at the moment, but will change to a quick connector soon :slight_smile: