Complete Compact efoil propulsion unit with integrated electronics for DIY

Hello to all
we are currently finishing a new design for our inflatable efoil upgrade kit. To evaluate demand we would like to know if anyone of you would be interested in getting a mast with complete motor unit/duct and ESC motor controller built inside if we would provide as complete part?
It will fit all boards that have standard us box with 90mm screw displacement and it will fit all foils that have flat area on top to mount our mast.
As we see a lot of you spending more than 1500€ just on parts for engine ESC a.s.o we thought we could help you there in getting a prooven and efficient working propeller drive with integrated electronics. We could provide the whole drive unit with mast and ESC &remote for about 2499€ if we can produce in bigger numbers. It would fit to all batteries that provide 40-60V and we would provide acces to waterproof batteries too, if needed.

Please drop us a mail to so that we can evaluate demand. Availabiltity could be August 2020. We know that that a lot of you are able to build their own cheaper, but it might be not as durable and we know there are a lot out there, who don`t have time&possibilites to print or CNC those parts themselves… :wink:

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IMHO promising but a bit vague to attract people.
The good point is that the electric hatch is a battery hatch and reduced to a minimum size like Plurato from Croatia:

You need to provide more details:

  • type of motor /power, same quality with Flying Rodeo partnership : propeller + injected plastic duct ?
  • how will we connect our remote receiver to this mast with ESC ? Will there be a 5V-GND-PWM connector available ?
  • mast material. Is it inside the mast like the Duotone Daytona suggested here:

or is above the mast like suggested here

  • ESC water cooling ? Like this ?

I’m interested in seeing what you will be offering.