Complete Build weight


Hi Guys
I was just thinking it would be good to have an idea on build weight.
What your build weighs all included board batteries the lot.
I will weigh mine later and put up the weight.


A lot! With 4x 16A 6s Lipos weight is out of scale! I suppose to be near 20kg. With 2x 20A batteries around 16


ok I weighed mine
2 x 16000mah batteries
360KV motor
Ali mast fuselage
G10 wings


8kg for my diy board
5kg for Cabrinha foil (fuselage is made from solid aluminium 25mm diameter. Will replace with CNCed Carbon Rod some day)
5kg for electrics box with batteries.



board :8kg
electric box( esc battery 32A 8S…) 8kg
pod (motor clamp propeller ) 2kg
takuma foil (need to weigh again ) :+/- 6kg (front wing solid carbon? 3,5kg)

= +/- 24KG

…went on a summer diet, lost already 7kg :slight_smile:


19,3 Kg. Carbon sup, nobile foil, 2xmultistar 16000mah, pelican case.


Around 12Kg with 5000mah batteries.
Weight will increase when I add more batteries, but not too much more.


15Kg Board without Battery and 18.3Kg fully loaded 12s & 12Ah



Hi @Clarin I’m interested to know what average run time you are getting from 12ah with the hiorth setup.


@rogjalon I am getting about 25min of continuous flying and using just above 10amps. With a 3D printed prop I was getting 15min and with the FR prop it jumped to 25! The top speed is the same 35km/h with both prop, but my remote is pretty messed up and i am sure it doesn’t go to 100% power. This might explain the big difference in duration between the two props.


Thanks Clarin,
I’m using 4 batteries with my setup for a total 24ah. I haven’t tested my hiorth build yet, but based on your info, it sounds promising. That’s an amazing difference between the two props.


Efoil + 2 batteries 12S 20A => 17.5 kg + 5 kg = 22,5 kg
Efoil + 2 batteries 8S 22A => 21 kg