Complete 80100 setup, maytech remote, 30q batteries, custom board, etc

I am selling my complete efoil setup ready to ride. I have used this efoil for the past 14 months with great success.

You can read about my setup by searching “s9tims 80100 build” in the forum. My build is based on a custom carbon fiber board 5’ 2” in length. The board is painted tesla silver with vinyl decals that can be removed if desired. This board is titled and registered in the US. It uses the 80100 80kv outrunner motor from APS with the magnet gaps filled in for efficiency. The motor is driven by a Castle Creations HVF 160 esc. This esc is fan cooled and does not have any overheating problems.

The foil is a 2019 Naish Large Surf foil on a 60cm mast. I have an additional 70cm mast and extra base plate I will include. I use this foil on the efoil and swap it to my surfboard for surf foiling with the additional mast.

About a month ago I built 2x 6S10P batteries using Samsung 30q cells. They currently have 6 runs on them but that will go up until I sell this. The charger is an ISDT Q6 with a 24 volt power supply. This charger balance charges therefore there is not a BMS with the batteries. I use a timer and the esc cutoff for battery protection. Depending on the prop and speed ride times are 40 to 53 minutes continuous. This setup draws between 25 and 50 amps once foiling on 12S. Speed is between 10 and 18 mph.

The remote is a Maytech V1. This remote has worked great for me. No overheating issues, etc. I have the original storage case and inductive charger setup.

I ride this board weekly but plan to build another in the spring. I will include all extra props including one printed in SLA which has held up for a long time, spare motor bearings, wire connectors, SS hardware, and all 3D files on an SD card.

This is for local pickup only due to the size and weight. I am asking $6000 for everything with all the extra parts, etc. I will add some pics and video links below.

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You can check out some videos of the efoil on my instagram.

Where are you located?

In Daytona Beach, Fl