Chinese Scam/Bad Customer Service with HGLRC (65161 motor)

Hey Efoilers,

Im Felix (16) and a Student at a Higher Technical Institute. I had this project as an expensive side project, which is kindly supported by my parents.
So i went on and wanted to continue my build with a new 65161 motor. So i looked around on alibaba and found a seller called HGLRC. After a bit back and fourth, i bought the motor and after 10 days it was deliverd. I also had to pay for import tax which was 110€, so alltogether this motor cost 480€ for me. Then i came home back from school and opend the box and the motor was deliverd damged

The backplate was compleatly off and the screws were pulled out. First i thought this was a production issue, but then i looked at the box and saw several marks, that it was a delviery foult.
After all this i was finished. I contacted dhl and they let me fill out a damged formular. After about 5 days later they told me that the damge was accapted AND THE REFUND THE SELLER. I couldnt belive it.
I immedeatly contacted the seller and he clearly said that he had no money recived (this is now a month ago). After lots of dispute, i opende a case on alibaba WHICH TOOK 14DAYS to get to a solution. And today moring i woke up and saw: Refund amount 200$.

So dhl refund the seller more then 400$ they told me and i get 200 of them. Is that a fu§$ing joke?
Now i have a damge neraly usless motor here that cost me 300€. And i simply cant afford another one.
I simply had lost of bad luck and now im stuck in this bad situation. I could be possible to repair this motor but i simply dont have the machinery.

I want to prevent that you guys run into the same issue.

Thanks for reading and please repost or share this post to those who are possible buyers, that they dont run into the same issue.

Edit: all in all I got 300$ back from 480€
It turned out decent, however conplealty belaming HGL isn’t right. They didn’t damage the motor.

I feel sorry for what happened. One question though:

  • how does HGL justifies this partial refund having received a full one ?
  • are you sure that DHL did a full refund ? Have they proved it ?

Whatever the answer, you should file a second dispute with Alibaba so that they use their weight to force the dishonest party to do a full refund.

Problem is alibaba decided 200$ as an “acceptable” refund.

Yes I got a email from dhl, where the wrote that It is their fault and the will refund the seller.

DHL never reimburses the full price.
VAT is always deducted.
Customs probably too.

If you can not find a solution, send the engine to me, I will repair it for free.

Greetings Frank

Wow thanks, I took the screws off because the back body was damaged and I wanted to look inside. This are not normal M4 screws (looks more like American thing)

50% of the price excluding tax is an agreement between scoundrels / villains. This sets 50% (the difference) of the liability on the customer. This encourages DHL to provide poor service, very far from their pricey advertising campaigns (we will always do more for you)…