Chinese jet drive

I’m very curious about this Chinese jet drive on ebay. The video from the manufacturer looked pretty impressive:

someone here already bought it but never used it… Look further for this thread

I’m hoping someone with a little more experience will look at the video of this thing shooting water, and read the buyer review that says this thing can push 2 people in kayak with a total weight 250kg at a speed of 10 km/hrs and give me some idea whether this thing will work or not for an efoil.

After doing a little more research, I see that they have 2 models. The one on Ebay is the 2600 watt model (KED450 - 50.4v 50a). If you go to Ali Express you can buy the 6000 watt model (KED380T - 60v 90a). I’m pretty sure that the smaller one on Ebay wouldn’t work. The bigger one just might work!

Should be this one