Chinese hydrofoil for efoil?


Did you purchase it form Alibaba? I have never bought from Alibaba. I did get a quick response asking for my phone number and address for shipping estimate. I have not heard anything in 2 days now. What was your experience like?


Yes I got it from Ican Sports Products on Alibaba. They were very good to deal with, always quick response. Only downside is the chips in the front wing from shipping, make sure they package it better.


Thanks, maybe I made some kind of error.

Strange the add that pops up from your link does not say anything about mast length options.


@Mat Thanks for the info. It would be interesting to know how it is made. There is a small chip on it but still hard to tell. Maybe a resin core with carbon on the outside.

@MAC You should be able to get any size mast you want, it’s just a length of aluminium extrusion. I got 80cm and it came with another size also.


What is the trick to get them to respond to me. I have sent several requests. All I get is a robot message saying they may be sleeping at this time. Was your contact Jenny Liu?


She’s terrible. It took a month after payment for her to organise to send my foil.


are they not on public holiday for a month about this time of year


Thanks for the heads up. I just got a reply from her on price.
She asked how I will be paying, Pay-pal or Alibaba. I asked is VISA ok? I have never bought from Alibaba. At some point does that orange dot move to 2 and then 3,4,5. Hoping for quicker responses.


Yep. Make sure it’s a trade assurance deal(i had to invoke it to get a response and shipping)

Until she gives you a price/shipping cost, the order cannot move.

Excellent point about Lunar new year, I believe today is the last day of the holidays for it.


When you say make sure its a draft trade assurance deal, what does that mean?


I would avoid ican
I just escalated a dispute with jenny liu as the spec said carbon and the same size you are looking at so i ordered that… but the picture showed the colorful foils and thats what she sent… turns out the colorful one is much smaller and heavier …
She wont recognize their mistake with completely wromg specification on the webpage and then claim that caerbon is more than 100 usd more … before saying she doesnt have carbon…
Probably her english is really bad and she is guessing based on google translate…
Buy from someone else and get the to send you specific pictures with measure cofirmation before ordering…
And use tradeassurance so you can claim refund if problems…


Wow. I guess I have been warned.
g.gregory8 had a positive experience except for the chip in his foil.

This project has me attempting to communicate with these Chinese vendors. for Motors, batteries, foil, and such. Its hard to have much confidence that we under stand each other. Waiting to see the next response from ican.


So, did they send you the F001. And you intended to get the F004?


Don’t think f004 was listed as the spec I wanted was all listed under F001 but she has now updated the wing spec text.
But fuselage And mast measures is still wrong if it’s the colourful one.
The Learning is to have them send photo with measure of actual for your specific order. (Also good support in any dispute)


@MAC yes my contact was Jenny also, and generally a fast experience. As @uggh mentioned, best is to confirm with written details of spec, pictures and measurements so you know you are getting what you order. I.e do you want carbon/alu mast and fuselage etc. Communication and making sure you get what you think are getting is the biggest difficulty.


I pulled the trigger on the purchase of the foil. I did my best to put exactly what I expected to receive in writing. I am optimistic it will go smoothly. I found the process of ordering confusing. Now that I see how the alibaba web site works, its not so bad.


Alibaba has a surprisingly bad website for beeind a billion dolar business.


My foil arrived yesterday from Alibaba, It took 31 days to arrive. Anyhow it looks very solid. I think its going to be a slow foil with lots of lift, which is probably good because I am a beginner.


@MAC what foil did you end up going for? Any photos. I still have not had the chance to test mine yet.