Chatch E-Foil Build #1

I have started collecting parts.

Motor: Flipsky 120kv w/ 12mm threaded shaft. Also ordered their 12mm aluminum prop since it’s just $27
Prop: will experiment with different 3D prints compared to aluminum prop
Controller: Maytech
ESC: Flipsky 60v 200A potted VESC 6.6
Battery: 12S, 1kWh minimum. 2S2P 6S 10,000mAh lithium polymer is the first thought.
Water pump: undecided. Brushless preferred

Board: undecided
Foil: undecided

Everything is ordered besides battery, water pump. I am checking a board/foil out in person next week at a store.

skip the pump, you can put a tube in the Front oft the Motor pod and use preasure from speed.

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About skipping pump. Is it effective at low speed?

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The foil? I think it is suitable. I am looking at this one:

No sorry for confussion. I was replying the previous comment about skipping water pump

I wouldn’t trust it without making a “funnel” to grab more water and force it through faster venturi-style

It is… It doesn’t flow like crazy at very low speed but it still flows plenty! It is now well accepted to use water-cooling without a pump. All you need is a small inlet on the nose cone and you’re all set!

I will try that, easy to add a pump later

This is an example of the build I have in mind. Great minds think alike! Czech republic Efoil second project

The motor, ESC, aluminum prop, bluetooth ESC programmer have shipped. I have already received the Maytech remote control, along with a 1 meter long U.FL extension and a quite nice looking flat (F style?) antenna with a plastic housing and 3M double-sided tape.

Have you seen 3d models available on the forum jet? I can only find the ones suited for pumps.

They are certainly files out there with a hole for a watercooling hose. If you can’t find any, just drill a hole in your nose cone and place the watercooling hose in it. You don’t need anything more than that! 1/4in tube works pretty well and has enough flow without a pump. Bigger diameter would work even better!

Today I purchased a carbon fiber board with deep tuttle, volume should be 60-70L.
I compared the size in store to the Lift efoil, they are identical volume… Including depth, length and width.


Yes hello

I have received more items

I will begin modeling the components and acquire Mast, Fuse and Foil.